Deal on Las Olas Beach Resort

Oferta Simple has another deal out today. Click HERE if you feel like spending some time at the beach. $45

I try to only share things I know, that I have seen or experienced myself which is why I haven’t shared any of the other many deals that come through Oferta Simple. If you want though, you can sign up with them and you’ll get a daily email with the latest deals on all sorts of things.

Las Olas resort is at La Barqueta, the closest beach to David. Unless it’s a holiday or weekend you may have the whole beach to yourself. It’s really beautiful and pretty much untouched. But, warning!!! There are dangerous waves and rip currents and people have drowned out there, so go into the water with extreme caution.

The resort itself is nice, maybe a bit on the older side but spacious and comfortable.  It’s also usually very quiet. We have wondered how they manage to stay in business because every time we have been there, there were very few guests. We think they should bus people down from the mountains for a weekend party with a buffet, music, dancing, etc since there is plenty of space, a swim up bar in the swimming pool, and a beautiful location.

The waves were pretty big

But, if you want some quiet time, you might love this. As I remember, they have some books and games for entertainment, and there is a restaurant on site that has good food. Bring a book and chill out, or in the cooler parts of the day go walking. I’ve seen some news from a bird watching group who have seen a lot of cool birds and wildlife in the area including scarlet macaws. There is also a tennis court. Bring sunscreen though! The Panamanian sun is intense.

The pictures are some I’ve taken out there in the past, and a search of La Barqueta on the blog will bring up more posts with photos. Beach, clouds, water, mountains in the distance… irresistible to a photographer!

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8 Responses to Deal on Las Olas Beach Resort

  1. Fred Shaw says:

    My wife and I stayed at Los OLas this past January and really enjoyed it.
    The beach was beautiful and the restaurant had very good food.
    I even went horseback riding one morning.
    We enjoyed our 4 days there very much.


  2. Wow! It has been years since we’ve been to Las Olas. Looks like we need to come visit. So much has changed!


    • The biggest change is the huge condo buildings going up. I’m not sure how I feel about that. But yes, you should visit! It would be so fun to see you. We’ll check out the beach and all the good spots in the area.


    • jim and nena says:

      Hola Kris, the condos’ effects can be seen at Rio Hato/Farallon playas. Río Hato was once a US military airfield and the nearby Playa was incredible, part of the “pearls” of Panama. Once it became popular and commercial, it is not the get-away that it once was.


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