Classical Music – Debussy plays Debussy

Nothing about Panama here. I happened across this recording from 1913 of Debussy playing his own music and it’s really beautiful. There is something special about hearing music played by the person who created it.

I found it on this Open Culture page Here. This site is all about sharing art, literature, and educational material for free so it is accessible to all of us.

The of course when you go to YouTube you find all sorts of other interesting and related things. Ravel plays Ravel

If this interests you I’ll let you take it from here. I hadn’t thought about how many recordings there are from that time. I love this French music and we are lucky to be able to listen to these.

OK, we now return to regular programming…. wait, there hasn’t been much of that either. You get to the point that anywhere you live, it’s just life and what interests you continues to interest you. Thanks to the internet so much is available wherever you happen to be.

And, if you want to know what is going on in Panama, it’s 2:15 PM, 85 degrees on my terrace, clouds are moving in, pleasant light breeze. We went out this morning to buy a new car battery, some flea medicine for the dog, and a new lock to replace the rusted sticky one on the front gate. Now I am blissing out listening to music in the background along with the many birds and other neighborhood sounds. In a while it will be time for practice, bass guitar and rock music. Someone on line asked recently – what do all you retired people do all day? We do whatever we want to! (after the chores and errands are done).

Then my neighbor came over and now it’s almost 3 pm. Just dropping in on people is very normal here, and they think we are quite strange for calling ahead or making an appointment. We started hearing thunder in the distance though and she didn’t want to get caught in the rain so it was a shorter visit, and we’ll continue over the weekend.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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6 Responses to Classical Music – Debussy plays Debussy

  1. david says:

    After spending the morning shopping in David and getting ripped off by not one, but two taxis (which I should mention rarely happens to us now), this was a wonderful diversion that I’m happily curious to see where it leads to…


    • Well P~~~~ to the taxis! I suppose some of them think we don’t know better and we can spare the extra. I’m glad if the music can fill the rest of your day with better feelings.


  2. Ah bliss! Debussy, birdsong, ambient neighborhood sounds, neighbors dropping by… (Neighbors do not drop by here – it’s frowned upon).
    Late to the fray again Kris – been following your blog via email snippets (including every single comment), but find myself too caught up in the daily drudgery of corporate prison life to properly catch up and respond to your posts – keep putting it off to “later” or “tomorrow” or “next weekend”.
    Enough’s enough – here I am again. I do not want to lose touch with you (and Facebook though something, isn’t quite enough – though I am glad to have that connection).
    Now – off to read more of your posts!


    • I see you have been catching up! 🙂 I have nothing to say though. It’s been well over a month since I’ve checked anyone else’s blog, and I don’t even have a good excuse. I wouldn’t call your excuse exactly good either, corporate prison life. Blech. It will b so good when you can finally change that.


  3. Nigel J Watson says:

    Subscribed about a year ago – great stuff!


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