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There is nothing pressing on my mind to write about, but of course that doesn’t mean I won’t rattle on about something. Right now, it’s just daily life, mostly music and coughing. A cold has made its way though the band until it finally got to me, and the cough hangs on and on and makes it hard to sleep.

The music, however, is going really well. The more I play the more comfortable I am. The audience and employers alike have been very positive and enthusiastic. There is a Panamanian bass (and guitar and piano) player who is beyond amazing. The other night he went out of his way to compliment me. That meant a whole lot, coming from him especially. I see a trend which I really like. The musicians,  both gringo and Panamanian are coming together, supporting and helping each other, and becoming friends. It’s a nice feeling of community.

We have outgrown our car though. The Hyundai Atos that we like so much will be on the market soon. With both of us taking equipment it’s packed like a 3-D jigsaw! If any of you are interested in a well behaved, inexpensive around town car ask me for details.

Otherwise.. my daughter and her city of Santa Rosa are starting to recover from the fires. She is part of the effort of finding housing for displaced people and says it is very frustrating. There are something like 6000 homes destroyed, but no place to house all these people. It’s going to be a long hard road to recovery and the city hopes it doesn’t lose many of its young working families, people vital to the culture and functioning of the city.

Here in Panama we are in the height of rainy season. Some days are hot and sunny, but by afternoon there are usually clouds moving in followed by rain. Do your laundry and errands in the morning! There are some days with no or very little rain and others, like yesterday, where it felt like the sky had opened up. Those big downpours don’t last long though, and then settle in to a steady rain through the evening.

So, just life, chores and errands, hanging out, playing music while it rains, going to the gate to find a pot of flowers from the neighbor, petting the dog who thinks she must be no more than six feet away from me at all times, and waiting for the latest bananas to ripen. Mi vida difícil en Panamá.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. oldsalt1942 says:

    Some days I really miss the place, but with my worsening COPD it was time to move on. Glad I was down there for nearly eight years and got to meet you and Joel. (SIGH)


  2. Sunni Morris says:

    I hope you find a new car, bigger car soon. I know what it means to pack things into a vehicle like a jigsaw puzzle. We used to do street faires selling tie dye clothing years ago when we lived in southern California. The small car we had was packed to the roof. Everything had a place. The other street vendors were always amazed we could get so much into that car. We had to carry a tent, racks and of course the numerous boxes of clothes We finally bought a cargo van.

    Glad all is going well with your music. I hope you get over your cold soon.

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  3. Ahh yes, I see you know the packing game well. Our neighbor is selling a car that would work well for us, so we only have to work out the details.


  4. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    the last couple of months have felt like a barfight in many different places around the globe. I think we got part of your downpour! It stretched from Texas to Wisconsin at one point. It happened the day after I bought a new indoor/outdoor weather station!? We got a new roof last month and it poured rain as soon as the last shingle was nailed. Maybe I’m the jinx. I think I’ll buy a seismograph, next.
    Get to la farmacia and have the guy mix up something, they know more than anyone about the current bugs going around. The good news: only one more month until the rains end.
    Meanwhile, congrats on the compliment for your bass playing. Still waiting for that first album to go on the market?


  5. How good though that the rain came after the last shingle was nailed to the roof, instead of after the first one.
    I think the cold is finally getting better.
    I don’t look forward to the end of the rain. I love the green season.
    Thanks, but no album. Only way is to come hear us in person.


  6. Laureen MacDonald says:

    Like most locals, we love the rainy season here in Ajijic too. The rain is slowing down now, and the snowbirds are arriving. Reservations at favorite restaurants will soon become a must, and more time allowed for traffic if one wants to arrive someplace on time. We moved someplace where the high season is opposite of where we came from, but oh how I don’t miss the cold in Oregon. Glad all is going well for you amiga!


    • That’s right, Oregon gets all the extra people in summer. Ajijic sounds like Florida, and we were always glad when things calmed down after snowbird season. How nice to never worry about being cold! I love that too.


  7. David says:

    yes kris ,David here, give me details of your car for sale im back home in vegas ,and have decided panama will be home for me , i also am selling my vehicals , one is a classic 1969 pontiac grand prix, model J, excellent condition, take care.David


    • Ooh, love those old pontiacs. I had a 71 GTO and Joel had a 70 LeMans.
      Ours isn’t nearly as exciting, 2007 Hyundai Atos. I don’t thInk they have them in the US. It’s small but tall so it doesn’t feel small inside, but doesn’t use much gas or parking space. It’s gray with a gray fabric interior. The paint is a little faded and someone before us dented the part under the door, but it’s been super reliable and well behaved.


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