Fat Athletes

You usually don’t think of those two words together. But, I recently came across this video of Mirna Valerio. She runs marathons and ultra marathons, and weighs 250 pounds. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5002502/Mirna-Valerio-runs-ultramarathons-weighs-250-pounds.html)

I’ve heard about her before and follow her blog. http://fatgirlrunning-fatrunner.blogspot.com/  What an inspiration!

Fat people are often blamed for their fatness by thinner people who don’t understand how it is. It isn’t as simple as eat less, move more. If it was, there wouldn’t be so many overweight people, so many unsuccessful diets, and so many frustrated people. The weight loss industry wouldn’t be worth billions of dollars.


Studies of participants in the TV show, The Biggest Loser were found to have damaged their metabolisms. http://people.com/bodies/the-biggest-loser-contestants-permanently-harm-their-metabolism-says-study/

I know a  number of people who had the lap band procedure, others who had gastric bypass and only two I know have managed to keep the weight off, and that is by constant struggle and vigilance. I especially like this woman   https://fatontheinsideblog.wordpress.com/

Goodness knows, I can relate. I’m super careful about what I eat, and I’ve ridden my bike hundreds and hundreds of miles and still struggle daily to control my weight. I did the HCG thing 6-7 years ago, the only diet that worked for me without major suffering, and lost 90 pounds. It’s been so frustrating to watch the weight creep back up no matter what I do. But, when I see people like Mirna, it makes me beat myself up a bit less. I feel good, I am able to do what I want, and if my only complaint in life is my weight I’m pretty darn lucky, or so I keep telling myself.

We definitely don’t know how the whole weight thing works. Of course there are bad food choices and plenty of food available that isn’t good for you. But there is more too it than that. Why are some people so thin and can’t gain weight no matter what they do, others are so fat and can’t lose weight, or more important, keep it off no matter what they do? Maybe someday someone will figure this out.

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4 Responses to Fat Athletes

  1. Love your blog and especially love this one. Thanks for being honest and open with us and for sharing this story! I would love to come see your band in Biquette! Maybe next trip!


  2. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    One of last week’s documentaries I watched was on mankind’s evolution and the effects of food on development. It related the struggle for Mexico’s Tarahumara Indians when they left their mountain villages and moved into the city. They are unequaled long distance runners but upon moving to the city, their weight gain quickly becomes a problem. Part of the process is their evolutionary DNA change in their saliva which allows them to convert starch to sugar efficiently. When their diet changes to the high carb city dweller, and the daily mountain running ceases, they suddenly have serious health risks from weight gain.
    Until I retired, I was hyper-active and ate anything I wanted without problem. Once I retired and slowed down to “normal” speed, I started gaining weight. A couple years ago, I eliminated lunch and began eating supper about 4PM. That and increased activity has kept me at my chosen weight. Age and metabolism coupled with DNA are factors that are tough to dispute. Having a great attitude and continuing to keep going is the best course.


    • Yes, I think for a lot of people when they were introduced to modern, civilized food, it didn’t go so well. And then for all if us, we get to deal with the hand we were dealt. It’s been a life long thing for me. I think I first tried to lose weight when I was 11 or 12, and I’m sure the multiple attempts and diets over the years have not done my metabolism any good. You’re right. I will do what I can with a positive attitude and keep on keeping on!


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