Figuring out the Airlines

Good luck with that. Ha!

I am going back to the US to visit family and help with the expected new granddaughter. Copa’s direct flight from Panama City to San Francisco used to be crazy expensive, but now it’s about the same price as the other decently prices flights, and it cuts out all that layover time.

Copa and United are partners. I have miles with United, so I start investigating the website to see if I could use these miles on my Copa flight.

on the Copa website
PTY to SFO Flight CM0208, departs 6/18 9:28 AM, arrive 3:05 PM, $337.46
SFO to PTY, flight CM0209, departs 7/23 8:50 PM arrives 6:o7 AM, $341.05
Total $678.51

on the United website
9:28 AM to 3:05PM, nonstop, operated by Copa Airlines, etc. Same dates, same times, same flights operated by Copa Air, $2,383. huh??!

But, if I use my miles… (still on the United website)
Mon, Jun 18, 2018 PTY – SFO 9:28 am – 3:05 pm
Mon, Jul 23, 2018 SFO – PTY 8:50 pm – 6:07 am
80,000 miles + $76.71

Cool beans! I see a link about transferring miles. Joel is planning to visit family later this summer and this would really help him out. I investigate further and learn it would be $1200 to transfer 80,000 miles to him.

This whole airline stuff drives me nuts. There are people who are constantly traveling for their work. I would not be a good candidate for a job like that.

Thank goodness I have a great travel agent.–travel-agency-listing-1737.aspx   She gets me the retired people discount on any airline flying in and out of Panama, answers emails quickly, does everything on line and make it super easy. ~~shout out and big thank you to Andrea~~

I’ve asked her to go ahead and book tickets with Copa. I’ll use my miles on the next trip and give Joel the money I save.

And, just to add to the joy of my day, a lady on Facebook who appears to live in Boquete has been sending me messages…  Have you heard about the program made by the Government And Health & Human Service for helping old,young,Disable,Widow and Poor Workers?

It’s an Empowerment Program to help the people,it was Supported By The United States Of America Government and Department of Health & Human Service,i got $200,000 from them did you got yours from them,The UPS men delivered the money to my door step. I saw your name on the list with the shipping company agent ,so I thought I would see if you have gotten it. 

Yeah right. If there was such a thing, we could get a lot of homeless people off the street. Another detail, UPS men? here? in Boquete? I told her if the real Ruby wants to say hi at a gig I’ll talk but this fake one, who is conveniently out of town at the moment, she can take a hike.

Enough nonsense for today. Music time. We are working on a beautiful new song! Joel sings it so well he gives me chills.

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2 Responses to Figuring out the Airlines

  1. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    Wow, those Copa rates AND times are great. Very similar to what we USED to get on UAL from DFW to PTY. Just for fun, I checked Avianca and found similar rates but 16 hour trip durations. However, you do get a free aerial view of Bogata, Colombia during the flight! :-O
    I did used to fly a lot in my working years but always on the corp card so I never cared what the rates were. I once flew from Tulsa to Denver to KC when my flight to KC was delayed by weather. I figured I would get home at the same time but, I would get an inflight meal in business class instead of sitting in the terminal in Tulsa. This was, of course, back when airlines were serving complete meals to their passengers (couple of decades ago).

    Congrats on the upcoming new grand daughter! Grands are the best.


  2. Thanks for checking Avianca, it I’m getting older and more willing to pay more for comfort. If it’s the same price forget it. I don’t need an aerial view of Bogata that much.
    Thanks! We are looking forward to meeting the new little girl.


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