This year hasn’t been a good one for fruit. Word is there were storms with too much wind that blew the flowers off the trees. There were almost no mangoes and no cashew apples. Avocados, however, did well and my neighbor’s tree was loaded with fruit.

These are only a couple small views of a large, tall, 20 year old tree. They sold most of the avocados to some guys who came over to pick them, and left with over 1000 avocados!

What do you do with avocados? Here are a couple of my favorites


Corn tortilla, scrambled egg, avocado, and limón.


Tuna, tomato, avocado, limón – mix it all together and eat.

I’ve also made chocolate avocado mousse.

Of course there is also guacamole, chopped avocado in salad, and on tacos and other Mexican food, and they can also be added to smoothies and other recipes, to name just a few ideas.

While I’m here, I have a few other photos

We have a banana flower. It isn’t long before the flower opens to reveal the developing bananas, and in 2-3 months we should have a large head of bananas.

There are many birds who visit the bird bath. These are the most frequent visitors. They splash around until they look totally wet and bedraggled, and then go up in the tree to flap and dry off, only to come down and repeat the whole bathing procedure again, and again, and again….

Last week I was inspired to do some cleaning on the terrace. I have some shelves next to my table, and a couple shallow boxes where I throw pencils, paper, and other odds and ends. I pulled one out, put it on the table, removed a couple pads of paper to find a surprise!

It was a tiny snake. For reference, that’s the red lid of a peanut butter jar. But according to my snake identification book, it’s a type of pit viper, not a snake I want living on my shelf. I sent it over the wall into the woods but I can’t help but wonder where it came from. Where is mom?

Thst just a few photos I’ve had sitting around but hadn’t gotten to in a while. It’s been busy with a couple band gigs and then a trip back to the US. I’ll be here in the Seattle area for almost a month since there is a new grandbaby expected any time now. Maybe I’ll have time for more blogging, or maybe I’ll be too busy playing with grandchildren. We shall see. 🙂


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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11 Responses to Avocados

  1. Thanks Kris — Haven’t visited for a long while but found the avos too hard to resist. I had no idea that a whole hand of bananas came forth from a single flower! What an amazing lesson of biology! Take care, Alia


  2. Laureen says:

    Yum, love the avocados, and I usually put half or one in my morning breakfast smoothie. Yesterday I bought a Meyer Lemon, a regular seedless lemon, and a Mandarina orange trees that I’m excited to get in the ground. When we were in Panama, I bought several little fruit trees and planted them at Bill’s house, in anticipation of moving to Chiriqui province. The trees I purchased yesterday were much bigger, so of course the price reflected it. I hope when you come visit one day, you’ll be able to harvest citrus off the new trees, but if they are not producing yet, the weekly tianguis is an easy walk from home.
    Have fun in your travels!


    • I don’t think we have Meyer lemons, but we have mandarina oranges. I have a tree in my yard, and a regular orange, and limón, and one of those huge lemons I grew from seed. Someone will be thankful for your trees, as I am for our neighbor who planted the trees in our yard years ago.


  3. simplywendi says:

    OK, I am totally jealous……..avocados are one of my five favorite foods!


  4. Ken Kimsey says:

    Have fun in Seattle on your grandbaby watch. Post some pics!
    I’ve been enjoying some great avocados lately.


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