New Fruit, Mamey

Mamey Sapote….  well it’s new to me and I love this fruit!

I first saw it in Cuba a couple years ago when our hostess served it for breakfast. Then, I saw it again the last time we were there, and then again, recently, at a produce market here in David. Word is that Mamey is only found in March and is used for making “chicha” (the word for pretty much any fruit drink).

The fruit here is considerably bigger than what we saw in Cuba, and tends to have fiber below the skin but the flavor and appearance is the same. It reminds me of a cooked sweet potato but very sweet, and I’m happy to just eat it with a spoon.

The recipes for drinks all seem to ask for fruit, ice, milk, and sugar. I made a drink and it was wonderful but you definitely don’t need sugar! I found it to be super sweet.

I didn’t have any luck sprouting the Cuban seeds/pits, but I have a couple more here in damp paper towels, a method I found recommended on line. Maybe with luck I’ll have a tree someday. I was told they are very large trees so if it doesn’t work I’m happy buying the fruit in season and putting some aside in the freezer for later.


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  1. oldsalt1942 says:

    I KNOW it’s not spelled the same…BUT….


  2. carole says:

    We have a tree I grew from a seed. It was half pulled out of the ground with hurricane Maria 2 yrs ago ( cat5) growing sideways, but pretty tall now. Hasn’t produced any fruit yet, but growing really well. We also have another one growing waiting on the fruit to grow. I am told it is a different variety of sspote. Leaves are different, not sure what will.grow. They take 5 yrs to produce, at least. I will post photos. This also is growing sideways because of the hurricanes.


  3. Great, I’m going to look for it in las Tablas tomorrow. So, I take it you peel off the outer?


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