New Bike Shop

There is a new bike shop in town not far from our neighborhood. It’s called Todo Bike because, as they said, they have everything bike related that one would need.

Their Facebook page, with a map, is here. .. It’s on the old Via Boquete maybe two blocks north of Design Plaza and Elmec, on the west side of the street.

I have always gone to Tomy, downtown, a block south of the bus terminal. They have grown and increased their selection of bikes, and have all the necessary parts and accessories at reasonable prices. There is also an excellent mechanic who will do repairs for a very reasonable price. I noticed that this time they have also increased their inventory and have more optional accessories. Maybe competition is a good thing?

I thought it was great to have a bike shop in our area though. It’s kind of a pain to go downtown in the city traffic. But, be advised, the new shop very expensive! I needed a new bike helmet and went there, thinking I would find the usual $15-35 options. But, the cheapest on display was almost $100! When I was about to leave they did find me a $50 helmet tucked away. It’s a very good helmet, sturdy, comfortable, adjustable, etc and I know my head is an important part of my body.

I didn’t get a new seat though. They didn’t have any of the wide, cushy ones I prefer for my wide, cushy backside, and the prices were in the $100-200 range! A few days ago we went to Tomy and found the seat I prefer for $8. That’s more to my liking.

But, if you’re a serious cyclist and you want a selection of the best of the best, Todo Bike is your place.

My son in law is a very serious cyclist, and he has a racing bike that looks like this one below. Yes, that is an almost $4000 price tag! I don’t think he paid that much for his but here, with shipping costs and import fees, things cost more.

It’s interesting to see the growth in this area. There is building everywhere, and more and more upscale shopping opportunities are available. People here are generally doing well.

its great to have bikes and accessories available, but it’s the best to get on the bike to cruise around town, especially during mango season. 😁


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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4 Responses to New Bike Shop

  1. Kristin Lyman says:

    Hi Kris, I think I was there just the other day lol. I wanted to thank you for your hospitality the other day showing me around and making lunch. It was so good to meet you finally after talking to you here and in email. It was so fun seeing David through your eyes and I think my absolute favorite was the art gallery. I still want the giant flower painting but will have to wait until I have 4 walls again. After I forced myself to get on the plane and go home, I discovered that the 9 year war with the VA was over and I have been awarded my pension. I am surprised you did not hear my shout for joy all the way there in David. So with the last obstacle bull dozed out of the way, there is nothing standing in our way. We will be moving to Panama permanently in July, or at least that is the target. I hope we see you in a few months, it’s my turn to make lunch and a friend of mine showed me where the best mango trees are. 😜



    • Glad to see you made it home ok. We had a great time with you too.
      Woo hoo! Congratulations on the pension 🎊🎉👏
      The next months will probably be nuts but July will be here soon, and you can start your vida tranquilo in Panama.


  2. Fred Shaw says:

    Hi Kris, good to see you blogging again.
    I appreciate the info on both bike shops since I did bring my road bike down to Panama. I need a tune-up and some fatter tires for riding the rough roads of Boquete. Have you seen all the Road Cyclists on the Via Boquete? Almost every day and especially on Weekends that are grinding up the long hills to Alto Boquete, and then flying down the road back to David.


    • You might check Tomy for tires first. I’ve bought fatter tires there in the past. Their mechanic is also very good. Just don’t go there between noon and 2pm, lunch hour.
      Yes, I’ve seen all the cyclists on Via Boquete, and I’ve seen quite a few others around town. I went quite a ways up the mountain once and the ride down was hair raising! I thought I wanted to make it all the way to Boquete sometime but that experience cured me. Now I’m happy just cruising around here.


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