Special on Panama Relocation Tours

Many people find that getting to know Panama with a tour works well for them, and the most highly recommended tour by far is the Panama Relocation Tour. I have written about them before HERE. I don’t promote other people and businesses unless I know them and would use them myself, and I have become a believer in these tours from talking with their clients and seeing many, many positive comments on social media.

If one of these tours interests you, I suggest you make plans and reservations ASAP! All the tours sold out through August and because of demand and a long waiting list, they have added three more tours.

This is the correspondence they just sent to me –


Panama Relocation Tours just added 3 new tours for 2019:

  • May 31 – June 7
  • July 5 – July 12
  • August 2 – August 9

This is a 6-day, 7-night ALL-INCLUSIVE Panama Relocation Tour which will take you throughout Panama! You’ll learn how to relocate to Panama the EASY way, plus how to get super affordable health insurance, the most affordable Visa options, how to find a rental, how to get your pet and household goods in to Panama. Plus, you’ll get to meet expats who live in each area you visit, see rentals in a variety of different price points and much MUCH more.

They have very limited space on these tours so you need to book ASAP to reserve your spot. Panama Relocation Tours is THE Retire in Panama Expert with 9 years of relocation tour experience, 100+ relocation tours and more than 2000 relocation tour clients.


The tour will take you to the most popular spots for expats, allow you to meet expats already living here as well as other fellow travelers, and it shares a wealth of valuable information on all aspects of relocating here. I have met Jackie Lange, the organizer and she says her main objective is to help people make decisions that are good for them, and avoid making financially and emotionally costly mistakes. She isn’t trying to sell anyone anything.  She just wants people to be happy and successful.  I also saw the group in Boquete recently at a restaurant. They were all laughing and talking, and a beautiful, new, comfortable bus was parked outside.

Of course if you have a good idea of where you want to live, and/or you want to organize your own tour you can certainly do that. But, the more I hear about Panama Relocation Tours, the more I am willing to share information about them. I’ve met a lot of very happy clients.

I am an affiliate, so if you want to book please use this link. They will share a bit of their profits (at no extra cost to you) which helps me maintain this blog and website (thank you!)


Here’s to new adventures and fun times!


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7 Responses to Special on Panama Relocation Tours

  1. Felipe says:

    I’ve never heard of those, but what a great idea! I’ll pass this on to other friends who ponder a relocation. Personally I love to explore in a rental car. But meeting others who are about to do a big change like that would have to be really helpful. The hardest part of a big move is making new friends. This would put you a long way forward on that endeavor. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I have noticed that many people maintain friendships with people they met on the tour. The most common comment though is about the tons of information that was shared while traveling from place to place, everything from lawyers, logistics of moving, finding housing, getting residency, health care, etc etc etc. I can see how that would be really helpful.


  3. junebugapril says:

    Thanks Kris! You as usual, are such a help to us in the U.S. that are considering a move to Panama 🙂


  4. junebugapril says:

    Might as well get a few dineros out of it 😉 and maybe get their email lists to join your blog! Can you tell I am an entrepreneur? ahaahahaha


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