Bob Adams Report On Panama

Bob Adams has lived in Panama for a number of years. He has written the Retirement Wave newsletter, and he has a number of very interesting, informational videos on YouTube. Recently he has published this report (link below). I won’t try to paraphrase, so take a look. It’s a PDF that looks long, but there are a lot of charts and graphs so it isn’t that long to read. He’s always been very positive about Panama and this is no exception.

EDIT – apparently the link below doesn’t work 😦
Try this – go to
From there look for Reports
which, with any luck, will take you to where you can see the report. If this doesn’t work, please comment and I’ll see if I can just post the whole thing in another post. Thanks Chugwa for the heads up, and to all of you for your patience.

Click to access Report+from+Panama+-+June+2019.pdf

I have always considered Bob Adams a knowledgeable and trustworthy source of information. For a bit of background on Bob, read this.

In other, more personal news, we have just returned from a great visit with family in the US. It’s beautiful summer weather up there, good for 4th of July parties, picnics and events in parks, trips to the beach, and general fun and time with important people. I also ate my fill of cherries and blueberries 😁

As always though, it’s wonderful to be home. It is convenient to speak English everywhere, and to know you can find Italian seasoning in a predictable place in any supermarket. But, for me, I love the sense of community in Panama, the social connections, and the general ease of daily life. I feel very at home here.

Travel is exhausting though! Excuse any typos as my brain tries to reconnect to my fingers. As much as I appreciate Copa’s direct flights to San Francisco, I might have to rethink the overnight flight home. But, they got me home without any problems or hiccups for which I’m thankful.

So, now we resume normal living in Panama, and I might even write something now and then 🤓 First though, we have a couple gigs this weekend so we need to rock out! Hasta pronto. Que tengan un buen fin de semana (Until soon. Have a good weekend).

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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6 Responses to Bob Adams Report On Panama

  1. chugwa says:

    Hi Kris glad that your trip turned out well and it is good to have the band back. I tried to open that PDF from Bob but keep getting a blank sheet.


  2. Veronica Perez says:

    A very informative read. Thanks Kris!


  3. Felipe says:

    I love data. Thanks for sharing that report. I had never seen it. Very interesting. Glad your US trip went well. I’ve lived away from “home” for 20 years. I love visiting still, and it’s always a home for me. But in time our new homes become where we want to return.


  4. Glad you found the report interesting.
    Yes, after almost 7 years Panama feels like home. Like you said, visiting is great but coming home is really nice 🙂


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