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When you are retired, what will you DO all day?? This has not been a problem for me. Since the routine things have become so routine, maybe I’ll start talking more about what keeps my interest during my days.

I could start with a trip to Pricesmart. They are repaving the Panamerican, the main and the only road through town in some areas, so it was slow going for a while. But the road looks great where it is finished. Now if only they would please put in some traffic lights, that would be very helpful. Pricesmart is useful for stocking the freezer and other things we like to keep on hand, so we go there maybe once a month.

We also stopped by Alex’s, the produce market down the street because he has very good tomatoes, green peppers, and we usually find other things we like. I also scored some mamonchinos (rambutans) from guys selling them from their truck. They have been especially sweet and yummy this year. Oh also, we took the dog to the vet to get her nails clipped ($3.07). She has dark nails where I can’t see the quick, so I’m afraid to do it myself.

But those are just routine errands. There are many other days when we don’t leave the house. Those are days of mostly music and books. I love audio books because I can listen while I work in the yard or do chores. Music takes tons of time since I’m still new enough on bass that it takes me time to learn new material, and I’m also working very hard on learning to sing. I’ve found tons a resources on YouTube which I think are helping me.

What are my most recent books?

Good book, gave me hope that people can learn and change when given new experiences and opportunities, but it’s also discouraging. Many do not want to get out of their “bubble” of people who think like they do, so their beliefs and “it’s us against them” mentality only gets more and more firmly entrenched. I’m from New York, a multi cultural city of every color, language, and lifestyle so I was pretty shocked when I moved to Arkansas where everyone was so much the same, and there was so much prejudice. I purposely steer clear of politics and religion but in talking about the books I enjoy, you’ll see where I stand. You all are welcome to respectfully disagree but I’m pretty entrenched in my opinions too.

This is a story about a couple people who went to the Museum of Modern art in NY, and their backstories. I was interested because it revolves around Marina Abramovic’s “The Artist is Present” and I find her really fascinating. If they had been visiting for other work that didn’t interest me as much, I probably wouldn’t have been as interested in this book.

The USA has been very successful, but sometimes because of aggressive tendencies that I don’t always admire. Ethics and morality are fluid concepts depending on our interests and goals. I know we often treat people badly, but you’ll hear a lot about that in this book.

Very interesting book. You don’t really understand where it’s going and what points it is trying to make until far into the book, but it’s well written and enjoyable throughout.

It’s interesting how the amazon links display the cover photos on the books and links directly to the site.

And then, What music are we working on now?

This is a nice blues song, not difficult but fun. It’s Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King (I love them both) and the music starts about 1 minute in. Depending on this week’s rehearsal, it will either come out this weekend or the next.

In a couple weeks, with any luck, if I get busy, we’ll start puting this one together. There is an announcer who goes on and on but the music starts about 55 seconds in

Chris, our drummer, proposed a Depeche Mode song, so we explored more work of this band and fell in love with them! A couple weeks ago we brought out this one. They have performed it many times, but I think this one is their best and I love the intro

And, this is the most recent one we have brought out.

We have our eyes on more music from this band too. There is just so much good music out there! It’s fun to be in our group where we can go in whatever direction we all decide. We play mostly to Panamanian audiences who enjoy so much of the same music we like, so it’s very fun.

OK, enough for one day! The rain came earlier today so I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon practiving. Hasta pronto (until soon)  Chao

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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17 Responses to Books and Music

  1. corey says:

    Kris, I can not wait to hear the band. Now you have me stuck listening to Depeche Mode, and down the hole I go (Cult, Pat Benatar, Journey, Clash, ect.)..arghh, We barely missed you by couple of days this summer. Planning our next trip so hopefully soon.


  2. oldsalt1942 says:

    I’ve cut down on the audiobooks since I repatriated. I used them in Panama riding into David from Boqueron, about a 45 minute ride. Kept me entertained for an hour and a half going and coming. Here, in Bradenton Beach, the trolley up to Publix only takes about 15 minutes. Hardly enough time to listen to a whole chapter. When I go over to the mainland (I call it “The Dark Side”) I do listen to the books I’ve downloaded since a ride over to Home Depot is about the same as going into David was. I recently listened to (read?) “Rewinder” by Brett Battles Strange Sci-Fi.

    I read a LOT of books. You know actual words I look at. Most of what I read are mysteries and sci fi that I download for free off of Amazon’s free best seller list. Some of the authors are quite good and I’ve read many of their books, especially if their locale is Florida. But the most interesting book I’ve read recently is “The Accidental President.” It’s about Harry Truman’s presidency from the day FDR died until just after Harry gave the OK to drop the big ones on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


    • Hmm, I read mostly non fiction, some fiction and very occasionally sci if. The Accidental President sounds interesting. My history education was badly lacking so I try to fill in the gaps now and then.
      Rising Out of Hatred was personally interesting because he went to New College in Sarasota, right in our backyards.
      Yes LOL I know about reading actual words. I even do it myself sometime.


      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, forgot… almost half way into “The Life of Pi.” Interesting takes on animal psychology and religion…Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.


        • Ooh, that book stuck with me for a long time, not exactly sure why but it really touched me. We saw the movie here in Panama too. “But, it’s in Spanish!” They couldn’t believe Gringos would go to a movie in Spanish but there isn’t much dialog so it was fine.


  3. Richard DeJong says:

    Hello Kris! So happy to keep following your blog…you have such a good attitude about how you
    are conducting your lives now….deliberate and consciously….which is harder to do when we get caught up in the rat race in North America and our working lives. We met in Boquete around Christmas last year, another retired, travelling Canadian couple! Wondering if you could get someone to videotape your band doing a couple of your songs at a gig and post it to this blog. I would love to hear you again.
    Meanwhile, we are housesitting for 5 weeks in Botswana, Africa and are really enjoying the total change of lifestyle and culture. Spending most of the winter in a couple of countries in Africa and crossing that “go on a safari” off our bucket list.
    Take care and keep smiling !
    Karen & Rick DeJong


  4. chugwa says:

    Hi, Kris and Joel, I am so looking forward to hearing you guys play the blues & the tracks you have picked are great, Buddy Guy is one of my favorites as is Steve Ray. We will have to come up and hear you, please let us know how you go please.


  5. Enjoying learning about you from the Blog Kris. We are traveling to Panama late November for a couple of weeks with an eye towards permanent living. A taste of life in Panama is our goal, and not so much a vacation. We’re inviting insight, wisdom and recommendations. We’d love to catch some of your groove. Where are you playing around Thanksgiving Time?


    • We’ll probably be playing on the 17th at the Boquete Brewing Company, and after that we’ll be gone visiting family. They always have live music at the brewery though so it’s worth checking out any time.


  6. Love the blues. Will be in Panama late November.
    Where can we see you???


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