I know, a lot of you have been having more than enough rain, and when you are on lockdown and the rain keeps you from even taking a walk, it’s not very welcome.

Here though, it’s been summer which means hot, dry, and windy. By the end of March we are so tired of hot, dry, and windy that a good rain is cause for a party! Well maybe a virtual party with you all on line under the circumstances, but a party just the same.

Summer here is from December to April. Rains tapers off in December and it’s pretty nice. January is also good, though windy at times with the summer trade winds. Schools are on vacation and the weather is ideal for spending time outdoors and enjoying friends and family. February is OK, but getting hotter, drier, windier, and it’s time for schools to start again. Maybe if we are lucky there is a rain now and then, but it may be weeks before there will be another drop from the sky. By March, however, it’s clear skies, intense sun, oven style heat in the afternoons, and brush fires are more common in the dry vegetation. I could skip March altogether but it’s part of the weather cycle, so I hunker down in the AC inside all afternoon. But, in April, and maybe even before if we are really lucky, the RAIN comes back! Yay!

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I like the rainy season. Mornings are beautiful, sunny, and clear. Usually by the time the afternoon is getting too hot, the clouds have moved in and it’s likely to rain. It clears up after dark and nights are wonderful. This is in general but some days may have no rain, it may rain for a short time on other days, sometimes there will be an epic downpour with crazy amounts of water (though that never lasts long), and sometimes it will rain well into the evening. But, it always rains enough to keep everything lush and green. September is likely to have more rain, and October and November are known as the wettest months of the year.

It’s funny that there are so many holidays in November and many are celebrated with parades. With luck they are early enough in the day to escape the rains, but sometimes the participants get soaked, and the students who practice daily in preparation get soaked a lot. But thankfully, the rain isn’t cold, just wet so it’s not like getting soaked up north.

Now keep in mind that this is David, Pacific coast, lowlands. Conditions are entirely different in the mountains. The band has played in Boquete in the hot, dry summer and gotten wet and chilled to the bone! (or depending on your tolerance, pleasantly cooled off. ha!) The foggy mist is likely to roll through the mountains, and it isn’t unusual to have some rain even in the driest summer months. There is a ridge of mountains running down the center on the country, and on the Caribbean side there is a entirely different weather pattern. It may rain at any time of the day or night, and at any time of the year.

But today, we are talking about the first rain in weeks here in David. It’s been an hour and it feels like it’s just now thinking about letting up. It’s cool outside now and there’s nothing like the smell of a fresh rain. Thank you skies for this wonderful rain



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5 Responses to RAIN!!

  1. Richard says:

    The new onset rain is one sobering reason why El Presidente tightened the quarantine to alternating days for men and women with Sunday a full quarantine.

    The folks farther North experienced easier COVID-19 transmission during Spring that they hope will be less contagious come Summer.

    Unfortunately, Panamá could begin to suffer pandemic spiking from lowered immune systems with the onset of rain (mosquitoes/flies/ Dengue/Chikungunya), and this probably factors into the additional draconian measure.


  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    We need rain here in Florida, too. Spring sometimes brings wildfires in the Everglades.


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