Beautiful Masks!

I’m so excited to have found these masks. We may be wearing masks for quite a while, so why not have something beautiful, and something very helpful to the people who made them.

Here is the most important information right here up top.   This is how you buy your masks!  Contact Victor Peretz. He is in charge of inventory, so he’ll get you fixed up. His WhatsApp is +507 61187621 or email at or friend request on Facebook  .

These Guna (or Kuna) Indians live in eastern Panama, an area known for the gorgeous San Blas Islands. The have local fish and produce but a lot of what they need must be purchased. Their main income is from tourism and their art, much of which they sell to tourists. Needless to say, with the borders closed, none of this is happening now and they are struggling to get by. They saw a need and an opportunity to help themselves and we are the beneficiaries.

A bit of background about the Guna people –

Their most famous art form is the Mola. It’s a very labor intensive creation of layers of fabric which are cut to reveal the colors of the layers below, and then carefully hand sewn to finish. Check the article for a much better explanation. Molas are traditionally worn on the upper body, as shown in the photos below.

The art is part of the story of the masks. The other part of the story is Victor Peretz and his team of volunteers. There are people in Panama with very little, and Victor has been supporting the children of some of the poorest with food, books, other support, and lots of love.

Now he is helping with the masks, another avenue of help in this really difficult time. Victor and his team are all volunteers, so what they receive goes directly to the people in need.

I was so happy to get my mask and find they are not only beautiful, but they are comfortable, fit well, and they are easy to breathe through. Joel and I rode our bikes home with no problem.


This is how you buy your mask!  Contact Victor Peretz.  His WhatsApp is +507 61187621 or email at or friend request on Facebook

Most of the pictures and information has been taken from his Facebook page so visit there to learn more about him, what he does, the masks, and to see photos of other happy people wearing their masks.

Here is their GoFundMe page for their ongoing charity work.

And, if you want to do more, here is a list of other charities in Panama who are helping people in need.

Thank you so much for helping these lovely, gentle, and hard working people. You will be doing something really good, and you will also have the most beautiful masks in town! When all your friends want a mask like yours, send them to this blog post 🙂


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    Do they ship masks to us?


  2. I really love these! Thanks so much, Kris. Hope you and Joel are well.


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