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We are in a pandemic and all the restrictions that go with it, but things still need to get done. For us, the license plate on the car was due to expire. It’s not a big deal – gather the paperwork, get the required inspection, and then go to the municipio (city offices) for the new plates (or, right now, a document since there are no new plates). But, we didn’t feel like doing it, so…

Eduardo Horna!  He’s our friend (8 years now), the property manager for our landlord, a tour guide, translator, driver, errand guy, and your guy to get just about anything done. 

It was great! He stopped by for the paperwork and some cash. A couple hours later, while we stayed comfortably at home doing our own thing, he returned with everything done.

He took care of our other car last month, and a couple months before that when things were really locked down and complicated, he located a new air conditioner for us (it was the end of summer and HOT, and ours bit the dust). He also helped us get our car to the shop last week for maintenance and some fixes.

It’s really nice to have someone you can count on. Eduardo is responsible, easy to work with, easy to get along with, and he knows his way around Chiriqui and how to get things done. He’s totally fluent in English which makes communication a lot easier.

In this risky time, avoid activities outside the home when you can. If you just don’t want the hassle of some things, find someone to help. If you are doing OK, give work to those who need it when you can. It’s a win-win thing on every level.

This is a very old video, but at least you can see who I’m talking about –

Eduardo’s email is  or you can leave a comment and I’ll help you get in touch.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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5 Responses to Get Some Help

  1. hutegger says:

    Dear Kris,
    It’s very kind of you to recommend a reliable trustworthy local person to us. Living in a unfamiliar country brings challenging situations; it’s good to have a resource to help.
    It’s also very kind of you towards Eduardo. It helps him make use of his bilingual skills and knowledge of the customs and norms to help others, while supporting his family.
    I wish you good luck to stay clear from this virus, and much joy living in this beautiful place!
    We’re looking forward to making our move, too, as soon as travel is possible again…
    Greetings from Atlanta!


    • Thanks for the comment! Good luck to you also staying safe, healthy, and for your upcoming move. If you come to this area, let me know and I’ll be sure you have friends to help you settle in.


  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.


  3. catfriend99 says:

    Probably a little late in the game to be asking this, but I’ve always wondered: how did you come across Eduardo Horna to begin with? I know he is the one who helped find your house, but since you were fresh off the plane at that point how did you come across him? From reading your early entries I got the impression you didn’t know anybody when you first moved to Panama.


    • I was on some forums before I arrived and saw him advertising houses for rent. I contacted him and it went from there. But yes, I didn’t know anyone when I arrived and my Spanish was elementary at best, but it’s so easy to make friends here. Total strangers on the street helped me more times than I can count, and some people I met in the early days are still friends today.


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