Moving Forward

I haven’t written much lately, because there hasn’t been much to write. One week is like another and we haven’t seen much change in the country, or in our little world at home. But, last night there were announcements.

There planned changes are:

Right now in many areas, mostly in and near Panama City, people are allowed out all day but still by gender, women on M-W-F and men on Tu-Th-Sa. As of September 14, the restriction by gender will be lifted and people can go out on any day. The curfew will continue, however, from 11PM – 5AM. A salvoconducto (safe conduct or permission to be out) will only be needed for workers who need to be out during the curfew hours.

On September 21 sports activities will be allowed, but without the public.

On September 28, retail stores, restaurants, and inns will be open to people (apparently for shopping in the store, not just ordering and picking up at the door, and for dining in a restaurant, not just take out). Professional services, administrative and general services will resume, as will national aviation, and family activities at the beaches, rivers, and parks. The racetrack can resume, but without the public. (we have a racetrack?!)

On October 12 there will be no more curfew. People can go out any time on any day.  Also to resume – international flights, hotels, hostels and other lodging sites and related tourist activities, and recreational and tourist transport. Also to resume, creative and cultural activities, music, art, libraries, swimming pools, and the national lottery.

Dates are still to be determined for opening schools, universities, and child care services. Also waiting are movie theaters, other theaters, museums, tourist sites, casinos, bars, discotheques, concerts, fairs, parades, and other such activities.

Health related measures must still be strictly followed by everyone! It is stressed that the safety of the people is the most important, and everything must be done to keep everyone healthy and safe so the country can continue to move forward.

So, this is the plan at the moment. Of course there will be questions about details but the general direction is clear. But, we have seen it happen in the past when they reopened some things, that the cases of the virus went up and everything came to a screeching halt for weeks and weeks. I figure we can’t count on anything this time either, but this is definitely a hopeful sign. The authorities have done more and more testing, and are very serious about contact tracing. There continue to be more cases but the number of people in the hospital has remained stable, and the transmission rate has fallen below the ratio of one person infecting one more. There are hopeful signs!

For us, nothing much is changing. Travel to the US and live music, the things that affect us personally, are still way out there in the future. Thankfully we are happy at home indefinitely, and have everything we need. So, now we wait and see what happens to the country, and to the rest of the world. Be careful out there, and take good care of yourselves and each other!


About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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12 Responses to Moving Forward

  1. chugwa says:

    Well written Kris, thanks for keeping us informed. Also you & Joel keeping us entertained with your music, it all helps to keep us same.


  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for keeping use posted. Glad you’re doing okay! I’m almost jealous at the great care your country is taking to protect itself. I can’t imagine the U.S. government even considering a concerted effort. Bored is better than sick!


    • People here aren’t as concerned with their personal rights and liberties, so it’s been easier to get everyone on board for the good of everyone. They aren’t totally cooperative though, thus the slower progress than hoped but yes, I agree. I’d rather be here.



    With reference to the racetrack , its called Hipodromo Presidente Remón , and it’s where President Chichi Remón Cantera was murdered by gunfire . They race horses , not cars !


    • Thanks for the name. Now I can look up more information about it. I’m not surprised it’s horses, knowing how many horses are in the country. But from what I saw on their website they have some especially beautiful horses! Thanks for the comment and the info 🙂


      • Interesting, what a long history of horse racing there is in Panama. Sad about the president though. It’s said that people from the US may have been involved?



        The largest horse breeding farm in Panama is very close to where you live , Haras Cerro Punta , and it is well worth your time to make a visit , and they offer guided tours twice a day .
        I understand that you can get to Cerro Punta directly from Boquete , where you normally go for your delightful presentations during the weekends . You could plan on it as a sight trip on your way there.


        • Yes! I’ve seen that, but didn’t take a tour. The farm and the horses are both gorgeous. I believe there is a new road from Boquete to Volcan, or maybe Cerro Punta but we haven’t checked it out. There’s also a windy but beautiful road from Dolega to Cuesta de Piedra that we have been on a few times. When this virus business is over we’ll have to get back to exploring a bit.


  4. Steven P Muse says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am going to share this to small facebook group of Panama loving vets, with your permission of course.


  5. Fred Shaw says:

    Hi Chris, the new road goes from Alto Boquete using Palmira Road (Corner at Plaza San Francisco) up and over to Potrerillos Abajo. Then you still have to drive over to Cuesta de Piedra to get to Volcan then up to Cerro Punta. It’s a pretty drive, but because the new road is so slow and curvy, most people from Boquete drive down to Dolega and drive back up to Potrerillos.


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