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Get some help.. Give some help… that’s what it’s all about these days. We’re all going through a crazy time, and a really difficult time for a lot of people. We need to help each other more than ever to get us all through this.

My friend Kayla is an elementary school teacher in Colorado, and they are preparing to go back to school. Reading is a big deal! It opens up the whole world. She wants to teach her students to read and love reading, so she has a large lending library for the students. This is especially important for the many kids who can’t afford books and don’t have any books at home. But, this year is going to be so different with all the changes to try to keep the kids safe and healthy. One of these changes is no more lending library, no more book sharing.

So, Kayla is asking for help. She has found Scholastic Book Clubs. $16 will sponsor a student for a year and provide them with a new book every month. This is their book to keep, to read, to take home, and to enjoy. I remember that books were some of my most prized possessions as a kid, and I can imagine how much this will mean to a student. Now, especially, when people are struggling financially, emotionally, and psychologically it is even more important to have a world of books to enjoy.

There is a lot of information on the website about how this book club thing works. Here’s one page with the basics –  They are able to buy publishing rights for books for schools, so this program can provide low cost books only for school use. It’s a really cool idea not only for these difficult times, but for any time.

So, contact my friend Kayla to get involved and contribute to her book fund for the students (Venmo or Paypal)

On Facebook –

By Email –

Thank you all! I’ve known Kayla for quite a few years. She is a kind and generous person who loves teaching, and loves all of her precious students. It doesn’t seem like much money to many of us, but stepping up to support her efforts and the efforts of all the teachers in this difficult time is a very big deal.



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  1. This is great! I love that they have programs like this


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Kris, where does your friend teach in Colorado? I’m in the western suburbs of Denver, but leaving soon for Brazil to teach. I checked Kayla’s FB link, and it looks like her kids are all sponsored. This is such a great idea! And to give some perspective on this small world, one of her friends on FB is an amazing teacher I taught with for 16 years.


    • According to her Facebook page she’s at Southeast Elementary School in Brighton CO. Interesting about your good friend and yes, small world. Brazil? Wow, great, have a wonderful time!


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