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If you write to me here, it is supposed to forward to my personal email account. But I need to log on to the blog account occasionally and clean out the mailbox before it gets too full to accept more mail.

This site is hosted with GoDaddy and they have been fine. But, of course, from time to time there have to be “improvements” 🙄 Now they are using Outlook for mail. I can’t see the size of the messages any more so I can’t be sure to delete the ones that are taking up a lot of space. I also saw a number of messages from the last couple months that looked unfamiliar to me. I don’t think they came to my personal account like they were supposed to.

Apologies to any of you who have been ignored! I don’t respond to spam or requests to be a “guest blogger” (that just hasn’t worked out in the past) but I do respond to questions even if it’s only to say “I don’t know”. I feel bad about the people who wrote and got no response at all. I know I’m not obligated but that doesn’t feel right to me.

I hesitate to put out my personal email address here. I’m thinking about it but I don’t want a lot of spam or unwelcome messages. So, for now you can always leave a comment and I’ll get back with you, or the blog is on Facebook where you can also contact me.

Other than that, a lot is going on here and I’ll have tons to say in a month or so! I am going on an epic trip soon to see friends I haven’t seen since I left, and to meet sisters for the first time (thank you DNA testing!), and to see my family (now it’s the rest of the family since “my family” has grown considerably), and I’m turning 70. I’m supposed to be upset about getting so old but I’m actually pretty happy about it. As you can imagine my head is spinning!

Meanwhile I’m here in Panama for a bit longer, just living the normal life. We’ve been getting tons of rain and everything is growing and green. There are construction projects going on across the street so the neighborhood has been more active. Getting electricity hooked up to new houses seems to take forever though! The band continues to play in Boquete every Sunday evening, and we have a birthday party coming up in David in a few days. It’s for a couple musician friends so all the local musicians will probably be there and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Since they know everyone we’re honored that they chose us for their party.

It’s only 11AM and I hear the rain starting again. But, unless we can get a walk in at some point, we have no plans to go anywhere. I have chores to do at home and practice for the gig tomorrow. And, I really enjoy sitting on the terrace and watching it rain. Retirement is a very nice thing.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. catfriend99 says:

    Ah. That explains it. I sent you a message regarding my previous comment, and regarding your upcoming trip, and haven’t heard back. We’ve emailed before, so I just figured you were busy. Should I try again?


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