Vivero en Dolega!

I had heard about this plant nursery in Dolega, another town up the road towards Boquete. So, yesterday, we set out to find it (which is course, for us, always involves getting lost and going places we didn’t expect to see!) But, we were persistent and eventually successful, and it was very worth the trip. This place was huge, with areas of plants behind other areas, and still more and more areas! One could come home with a truck load of plants from here!

But, I was good and only bought a few things. We are renting, and how much money do we want to put into someone else’s property?


I also bought a gift for my friend and neighbor, who is good friends with the owner of this house. She is going to ask them if they would ever consider selling it 😀  It’s just a question, but you never know what might come out of a simple question 😉


Meanwhile I have a few plants to put in, – a colorful heliconia, a gorgeous big pink hibiscus, some crazy lacy vine type of plant with pretty little deep pink flowers, some pretty yellow flowers, and a bit of mani (perennial peanut). Yesterday I also planted some guandu seeds, a gift from my friend’s husband.


There was this cute little bat on a support post.

Plants in 10 inch pots were $5, larger pots $12. My mani in little dixie cups were $.25 each, and the yellow flowers in small pots were $1 each. I know how much work goes into propagating and tending all those plants, so I thought these prices were good. All the plants look very healthy and should do well.

If you want to visit, I made the MAP  so maybe you won’t  have to tour more of the town than you wish to! The nursery is in a residential neighborhood and looks like it is also their home. It is very close to a school, and there is a sign out front which will help you spot it.


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4 Responses to Vivero en Dolega!

  1. tombseekers says:

    We are renting too but I am responsible for the flower and herb gardens. Hope I can find this place using your map. thanks


    • Kris says:

      I could probably be talked into taking you there 😀 I also know another place in David that has herbs that you might like to visit.


  2. indacampo says:

    Careful it gets addictive! 🙂


  3. Haha! You have to get lost to find all the wonderful surprises in Panama.


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