A Visit to a High School

One of our neighbors is an English teacher at the Instituto David, and it’s English week. There are contests for speaking, poetry, singing, and other activities all week. She asked us to be judges at the singing contest, so yesterday off we went to the school. (This post is about the school and the Father’s Day festivities that we also attended. There will be another post about the contest.)

This is a large school with over 2000 students age 12-18. The students wear uniforms, blue shirts for the younger ones and white shirts for the older ones. The building is not new and lacks a lot of things we take for granted in the US, but it is spotlessly clean. The courtyards have flowers and plants, and there are many painted murals.

It feels very happy at the school. Students were quiet and orderly (extremely so by US standards). There were smiles everywhere and lots of affection. Friends and groups often had their arms around each other, or a hand on a shoulder. The students seemed interested in us also and it felt very easy to talk with them.


After the contest and a walk around the school grounds, we headed to the gym for the Father’s Day festivities.  This was an experience that can’t be described with photos so be sure to check out the video below!


Notice the last photo of the student mopping the floor, It was explained to us that this is punishment. That girl had a skirt that was too short. This seems a lot more useful than detention, in my opinion.

OK, on to the videos!

This is the Father’s Day celebration with bit of each performer and a taste of what it was like.


I especially love this boy. I uploaded the video of his performance separately so I can share more of it.


I was so impressed with these students. They had such  gusto, and courage, and confidence on stage. There were also some really excellent singers! My friend thinks we were doing her a favor by coming to her school, but she really did us a big favor by inviting us. I had a wonderful day. I think we are going back Monday to judge a speaking contest and I’m looking forward to it!

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4 Responses to A Visit to a High School

  1. Beautiful school. I’ll have to wait until morning to watch the videos…sigh…my internet is too slow this evening.


  2. tombseekers says:

    Wow. Being only a week removed from a large US high school, I can only say “Wow”. Skirt too short – priceless. Our girls routinely show off their thongs and tramp stamps


    • Kris says:

      Yes, students here are a lot different than in the US. One day I was on the bus from Boquete to David and it stopped to pick up a bunch of students. The whole ride back they all sat quietly in their seats. You know if it was US kids it would have been pandemonium!


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