Travels back to the USA

We made it to Panama City on the bus on Saturday night, arriving at the Albrook bus terminal.

This display was at the Albrook bus terminal showing an example of the new metro subway under construction.

This display was at the Albrook bus terminal showing an example of the new metro subway under construction.

I’m not good at overnight travel and red eye flights, so we stayed overnight at the Costa Inn. Panama City is a big city with a lot of hotel options at every price range, but this one works for us. It’s an older hotel but it’s clean, comfortable, and the staff is pleasant and accommodating. A room is about $60, comes with a nice buffet breakfast, and there is a free van service to the airport. That alone would cost about $30 for a taxi, and when include a nice breakfast we think it’s a very good deal.

We had an excellent and relaxing dinner at the hotel. I had corvina topped with mixed seafood in a creamy sauce, and Joel had one of the best steaks he’d had since coming to Panama. We had breakfast at the hotel in the past and it was very good. This time our flight left early so we had to get on the van before they started serving breakfast. It’s really nice to have a free van ride to the airport though!

We were on American Airlines this time, and the airport scene was interesting. By the time we had stood in line long enough to make it almost up to the desk, they took everyone going to Dallas out of the line, and proceeded to process everyone going on an earlier flight to Miami. I was very glad to be at the head of the Dallas line because by the time they got to us, the line was back and forth through the whole waiting area and down the hall and almost past security!

But, we made it through in plenty of time to board our flight. When we landed in Dallas things went equally smoothly. A friend told me bad stories about a disorganized mob scene at customs in Houston, but thankfully we found no such thing. There was a line but it moved along at a decent pace, and though we needed all of our 1 1/2 hr layover they seemed to be getting everything done as efficiently and considerately as one would expect.


Our first stop in the US was Kansas to visit Joel’s son and family, and see his other children and family. I lived there in the past but I hadn’t been back for 16 years. It was a very good visit though! I’ll keep posting updates of our travels as I have free time.

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  1. indacampo says:

    Glad you made it through to meet your connection. Happy journeys to you both! 🙂


  2. We always stay overnight too, and the Costa Inn is one of the best values we’ve found. Enjoy your time with family!


  3. We’ve flown out of Panama City several times (It’s been a while, though). Do they have a kiosk with magazines or newspapers, yet? I was amazed that there was absolutely no reading material in the airport.


    • Kris says:

      I don’t remember, but I didn’t look. I seem to remember some books in one of the shops? But, who knows since I’ve seen too many airports in the last year.


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