Travels Back to the USA start with the Bus Trip

Last Saturday (July 27th) we left on our journey back to the USA. One difficult thing about living in David is that it’s hard to get in and out of Panama. There has been talk of direct flights to the US from David for a long time, but I don’t think anything is happening in the immediate future.

So, our first day of the journey was the bus trip to Panama City. There are flights on Air Panama but they are expensive ($114.82 one way) so we’d rather take the bus ($15.25) and stay overnight ($60 including van to the airport).

We took a taxi to the bus terminal ($3). As soon as we arrived there was a man with a luggage cart waiting to assist us. He directed us to the window where showed our passports and requested two tickets on the next bus. The tickets had our names and passport numbers, and our assigned seats. Our helper took our luggage around where it was to be loaded on the bus, but since we had awhile to wait I gave him $.50 and took our luggage with us into the waiting room.

Before long, the guy was there to put our luggage on the bus and gave us our luggage claim tickets. Don’t lose these because you’ll need them to get your luggage on arrival. After that, it wasn’t long before people lined up to board the bus.


If you are taking the bus in Panama, take at least a sweater! They tend to run the air conditioning and it’s cool to downright cold. I was glad for my sweater and lightweight blanket.


This post is getting long enough, so I will proceed with our story in the next post. Stay tuned!

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