Exploring Pedasi and the Azuero Peninsula

We are home again, and back to functioning internet. Travels are great but it’s always nice to come home again. I’ve been settling back in, catching up on things around here, and now I’m in my outside office (on the terrace) watching an incredible amount of rain come down. Yes, the neighbor’s yard is a lake again 😀

I have lots of photos and things to say about our recent travels. What a great trip! Of course the highlight was meeting my blogging friends. But, I was also very interested to see some of this area that I have heard about for a long time.

The town of Pedasi feels to me like a beach town, which is no surprise since the area is known for the great beaches, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, diving, and other water related activities. The town is small enough that you can easily walk anywhere, and it was quiet while we were there. (They were probably recovering from the recent parades and celebrations!) The local people all returned our greetings with friendly smiles and hellos. Some were also happy to chat with us, point out homes of other expats, and other things about the town that they thought might interest us. We were also out walking in the dark and it felt comfortable and safe. It feels like a town where everyone knows everyone else who lives there, and everyone just wants to get along and enjoy life.

There are many expats and tourists who come to Pedasi. There were a number of hotels, hostels, and restaurants available for visitors, and English speakers were more common than most parts of Panama. Our hotel Casita Margarita was happy to make arrangements for activities for us. I’m sure the other hotels would also, and there are some local businesses who cater to tourists wanting to enjoy what is available in the area. Because it is a popular destination though, we found real estate and property prices higher than I expected.

The drive from David is long but the roads are excellent (not counting the bumpy PanAmerican highway which is due for a much needed upgrade) From Santiago to Las Tablas there is a beautiful 4 lane highway. The last part of the drive is on a 2 lane highway but it’s also in excellent condition. It’s the rainy season now and everything was very lush and green, and the countryside is really beautiful. It’s the driest area of Panama and it would be interesting to see what it’s like in the dry season.

This is a start! I have more photos and things to talk about, so stand by.

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8 Responses to Exploring Pedasi and the Azuero Peninsula

  1. Ericaceouss says:

    I love the rooster 😉


  2. indacampo says:

    We were worried that you’d arrive to find the pueblo full of garbage and such but the town folk did not too bad a job on clean up after the weekend celebrations. Looking forward to reading about the rest of the trip.


    • Nah, I knew you had things going on and it would take a bit to clean up afterwards. They had used the trashcans (until they overflowed) and it looked better than they way some places I’ve seen look every day.


  3. allison says:

    The owner of Casita Margarita is super sweet and so helpful. She sent us for the best ice cream and told us where to find fantastic burgers (and we were only in town for the day). We also ended up having lunch at Smiley’s. Pedasi sure does seem like a sleepy, peaceful and happy town but wakes up at Carnival! (Love seeing the figures/statues in the yards)


    • You stayed there too?! Yes, they were just great to us, and we felt like they took care of every need. We would definitely stay there again. Somehow we missed Smiley’s though, probably because we were hanging out at Karen’s house which was where I really wanted to be.


  4. Bob Vogel says:

    Hi, I would like to email back and forth about daily life on the Azeuro Pennisula, I a 65 yo retired man thinking about moving to Panama, would love to talk to someone about it first. Bob


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