Snake on the Fence!

What a lucky day yesterday! We just happened to be finishing a late lunch on the patio and something caught my eye on the fence.

Parrot Snake on the fence

Parrot Snake on the fence

It was a parrot snake, and I think it’s the most beautiful snake I’ve ever seen. I was so lucky to spot it because if it had moved to the plants, it would have blended in so well I may not have noticed it.

I love snakes. I think they are beautiful and fascinating, and are part of the ecosystem that keeps things in balance. This snake is not venomous and is not dangerous to people. These snakes live mainly in trees and eat lizards, frogs, and small birds. There are a number of varieties of parrot snakes, all green and very beautiful, but if you look for more information you will also see some that look slightly different.

How lucky we were to have seen this beautiful snake, and many thanks to the snake for patiently waiting while we took multiple photos.


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12 Responses to Snake on the Fence!

  1. Robert & Helen says:

    Nice snake. Did ever had à Sun-tepee in your house? They give a nasty sting like a scorpion. They stretch out and run very fast. If you come nearby they will attack. They are quite resistant to pesticides and you will need a lot of it to kill a large one. We use strong cheap hair spray. They can hardly move anymore and then Booooom! A couple of years ago Helen was button by a large one at her upper leg. It was hurting a lot for about 5 hours and that spot is now still num.

    Anyway snakes generally look nice. Sun-tepees are ugly.


    • No, what is a Sun-tepee? a type of snake? I tried google but only got a whole lot of Indian type tepees. We have developed habits of shaking out clothes and not poking our hands into anyplace a critter might be hiding, so hopefully we don’t get any painful surprises. I never thought of hairspray though. I’d probably be opening a door and grabbing a broom.


  2. Amy the Daughter says:

    Wow, that is the most beautiful snake I’ve ever seen!!


  3. dfishell says:

    Beautiful photos Kris! I love the way the snake is entwined in the fence. Wish I had a couple of Parrot Snakes hanging around my house.


  4. indacampo says:

    There was one hanging around the fence at the end of our road last year. When I saw it last it was trying to swallow a toad. They are a beautiful color aren’t they? Great captures!


  5. Lucid Gypsy says:

    It is really sleek and elegant, I like snakes as long as they aren’t dangerous!


  6. Alex says:

    una bejuquilla.


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