Walking around Bocas Town

Bocas del Toro is a province on the Caribbean side of Panama but when someone says “Bocas” what comes to mind is usually is the Bocas del Toro district and the islands. It’s a beautiful area with clear, warm, turquoise water, many islands with lush vegetation and sandy beaches, and opportunities for many recreational activities. The center of activities is Bocas Town on Isla Colon (Colon Island). It can be reached by air from Panama City or by water taxi from Almirante.

The town is a tourist destination so there are many hotels, hostels, restaurants, shops, and businesses offering excursions and activities. English is widely spoken, and you are likely to see people of every color and many nationalities. There is a very relaxed “anything goes” feel in town. You can dress however you like and ride your bicycle down the middle of main street without a care.

There are buildings and houses of every sort (though the fancy places tend to be a bit outside of town). What interests me and my camera though are the more funky and interesting places, so I set out with my camera for a walk around town.

This is the end of my stories and photos from Bocas. Next, we were on to Rambala and the jungle for more unique and interesting experiences!


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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10 Responses to Walking around Bocas Town

  1. Carole says:

    Hello Chris, sounds like you are having a great time visiting Panama. We were just looking at this city and wondering how the water was for snorkeling. Did you go in the water at all, is it nice to swim in? We will be in Panama shortly, the 13th of June. Can’t wait to see some new places around David.


    • I went snorkeling on a previous trip and it was the most beautiful snorkeling I’ve ever seen! There were starfish that looked like long legged spiders and coral in a variety of vivid colors, and lots of fish. It was amazing and if you go, get one of those boat tours that will take you to a good snorkel spot. The water is beautifully clear and lovely for swimming.


  2. Emma says:

    oh, how this makes me miss bocas even more! i need to get back there next year ASAP.


  3. Linda Y says:

    Oh my goodness I can’t wait to come!
    (New email address now 🙂


  4. Capt Dan says:

    Kris, what really struck me while there, is since there are no hurricanes like here in Florida, is how close they could build flimsy structures to the water. Just inches above the water, lots of stuff that would have been blown away years ago if here. I find the town ramshackle and not very attractive. I do agree with you that the water is absolutely beautiful!


    • No, no hurricanes which is really nice. If this town was in Florida I wonder if any of it would survive. The town is very funky, I agree, and many people don’t have a lot of money. But that doesn’t seem to stop them from having relaxed and happy lives.


  5. Linda says:

    Do you think this would be a nice area to live Kris? Or better for visiting 🙂


    • For me, no. It’s just a funky little town and I’m a city gal. I want shopping, health care, and everything a city has to offer close by. But if you want a quiet rural / beach life in a beautiful area it certainly is that.


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