Making Tortillas

Tortillas are considerably easier than tamales! I had made them before out of dried corn, but this time my friend Cedo and I made them out of fresh corn.

It’s pretty simple, really. Again, buy some corn on the cob, cut it off the cob, and run it through the grinder. Then add egg and salt to taste, and fry them up like pancakes. You can also add queso blanco, the mild white cheese that comes in rounds. With these also, I like the dried corn but I think the fresh corn is even better!


She makes great empanadas, so next she is going to teach me how to make them. It’s so great to have a Panamanian friend who knows how to make all the Panamanian food.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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6 Responses to Making Tortillas

  1. Tortillas! I never realized how easy they are to make. Thanks for the recipe. If we had fresh corn here, I’d try some. I have never even seen dried corn on the island, unless it’s feed for chickens. I’ll have to try it with cornmeal.


    • No fresh corn? no dried corn? I take it they don’t make a lot of corn based food? Hmm, interesting. Do I need to bring you some dried corn? Ours looks a lot like chicken feed. I’ll have to investigate the difference.
      To make them from dried corn is the same thing except you boil the corn until it is soft, then grind, salt to taste, add cheese if you want, and my neighbor taught me to roll it out in a plastic bag, press a glass into it, ad you get perfectly shaped tortillas. Then fry them.


  2. Robert & Helen says:

    tortilla’s in Latin America are totally different from the Spanish ones. Kris I will send you à Youtube how Spaniards make their tortilla’s.


  3. susanpazera says:

    Do you remember the day you introduced us to your friend Cedo? She was so sweet and gracious. I love your stories about the Panamanian friends you’ve made and how you’ve become a part of their community. That’s exactly what John and I hope for!


    • That’s right, you did get to meet her! It is great to have Panamanian friends because you get to know life here from a totally different perspective than the expat community.


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