Ometepe Island Mudslides and Destruction

I was just looking for news and info to write a post about this, but this one from our friends at the scene is even better. I am just heartsick thinking about our new friends and all the suffering on this beautiful island. When it is determined how we can help, I will post the info and ask all my fellow blogger friends to do the same.

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

Early Wednesday morning on October 8th, I awoke to take photos of the blood moon. The sky was inky black with clouds hiding the stars, as well as the eclipse of the moon. While I was standing on the beach, I shivered with a sense of foreboding. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something big was about to happen.

Thursday, the rains started. In 12 hours, we had 15 inches of rain. We lost our power early Thursday evening. Then, Friday morning, we had to walk into Moyogalpa to catch the ferry to take our very sick cat, Black Jack, to the vet in Rivas.

The rain sliced through the dark morning sky like sheets of glass. Our local beach bar’s ranchos toppled over like dominos.

IMG_4871We walked silently through the mud into town. The roads washed out, and waterfalls replaced our colorful treed path into town.
IMG_4878Upon returning to…

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13 Responses to Ometepe Island Mudslides and Destruction

  1. oldsalt1942 says:

    Just wait until that scenic volcano blows its top…


    • Then those people would definitely need to find new places to live! I will be interested to see the response to this. If it goes well it will give me hope that in the event of a big eruption the people could be successfully relocated. Right now though, I talked with the gal who taught me to make nacatamales and learned her husband lost all his land and all his cattle. its going to be tough for a lot of people. I know the world is full of death, destruction, and suffering but when its someone you know, it feels worse.


  2. 4sarge says:

    Thoughts & Prayers for ALL


  3. Pathway To Portugal says:

    It’ so incredibly beautiful there. I feel bad for all the people devastated by this.


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