Macho de Monte, revisted

Macho de Monte is an amazing river canyon near Cuesta Piedra, a town between Conception and Volcan.  I met up with a bunch of Boquete expats near Dolega so we could drive to Volcan together, and I was thrilled when they stopped at Macho de Monte because I really wanted to visit it again.

It is rainy season now which helped us. The last time I visited there were steep sand banks and it looked impossible to climb down to the mouth of the canyon. This time however, rains had washed channels into the sand banks exposing some rocks which gave enough footing to climb down.

It takes a bit of climbing down a steep sandy hill and then clambering over a lot of rocks and boulders, getting your feet wet at times, but the reward at the end is so worth it! The river is rushing below these huge walls of rocks while waterfalls fall from the tops of the walls. Since it is rainy season there was a lot of water, and a lot of waterfalls!

Macho de Monte river canyon

Macho de Monte river canyon

It is hard to get a photo that does this place justice, especially with a lot of bright sun which contrasts sharply with the darker shadows deeper in the canyon. A photo cannot convey the roaring of the water either. But, scroll down below for a couple videos made by my friend Ryan, and a wonderful look at the inside of the canyon. A number of us would love to figure out how to get down there, but he actually did it.

Group photo time –


Ryan’s video, and an amazing look at the canyon from inside!

And, in case you wonder why we hesitate to go down into the river and through the canyon, we know from Ryan it isn’t that easy to get back out again. You would definitely need a lot of strength and ropes to go back up! Or, like Ryan you would have a long journey to go downriver and make your way back to the road.


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  1. Great photos Kris! I’m so glad we got to go together again! One of these days we must venture down into the depths of the slot canyon !


  2. Aw that looks like a fun time!! You all look so very happy :). Great pictures, Kris!


  3. 4sarge says:

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    Fantastic !!!


  4. I’m kind of glad you decided not to go into the canyon…especially during the rainy season. It reminds me a little of the Narrows at Zion National Park. It’s gorgeous. Nice video, too.


    • If you go into the canyon from above, it would be difficult or impossible to get back upstream again even with ropes, at least for me. I know Ryan has gone through and found his way back to the road from downstream so it can be done, so I’m curious about that route. You are right though that this is not the time. I don’t want to risk any rising water or sudden downpours. But, dry season isn’t far away 😀


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