Raquel’s Ark Wildlife Rescue

The next stop in our day with friends was Raquel’s Ark in Volcan. Raquel has a number of interesting animals and birds which she cares for and clearly loves. Most are tame and enjoy visitors so it is a great place to see some of the wildlife of Panama up close.

The first were the sloths! These gentle and slow moving animals are usually seen high in trees where they are sometimes hard to spot. I have been lucky enough to see some on the wild, but only at Raquel’s have I had the chance to touch and hold one.

There were also coatimundi, aka coati who needed attention. One in particular loved to be held.

There were many more animals and birds to see!

This is a wonderful place to visit. We enjoyed seeing all the animals and birds, and it was great to talk with Raquel and learn more about the place, and hear stories of all her animals and birds. Many of them cannot be released because they are unable to manage in the wild or they are too accustomed to people, but she releases those who can safely be returned to the wild.

If any of you have a chance to visit this place I highly recommend it. Admission is free but donations are gratefully accepted to help with the food and upkeep of the animals. It is located right in Volcan and here is a map to help you find it. I think it is the only two story house in the area.


I will close with a video of Raquel giving the viewers a tour. It is a couple years old before the hydroponic garden was completed, but it will give you an introduction to the place in her own words.

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  1. This’ll go on my “must see” list! We saw a sloth hangin’ out in a tree while we were in Costa Rica this spring, but never up close and personal! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. What a fantastic place! And she operates solely on donations? Wow! I have never seen a sloth before…only in pictures. I know where we are going when we come to visit you! Thanks for the tour, Kris.


  3. John & Susan says:

    Thanks…will have this on our list to visit!


  4. Kris, what is the best way to contact Raquel? We would like to plan a visit. My two girls LOVE sloths and would be in heaven if they got to hold one and see it up close. We are in Boquete right now. Thanks! Allison Sherman


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