Día de Difuntos

Día de Muertos, or Día de Difuntos is the day to remember the dead, and takes place on November 2nd. It is a quiet day with no alcohol sales, loud music, parties, or other festivities. Instead it is a day of respect, quiet reflection, and remembering loved ones. People visit cemeteries, clean the graves, and leave flowers.

I went to Cuesta Piedra the other day with my friend Cedo, and we stopped by the cemetery to visit the grave of her mother. Her mother died very young, at 36, leaving behind a large, fatherless family of 10 children. It was very hard, especially for the older children, but they all made it. Today nine of them are still living, scattered throughout the country but they all talk frequently and stay in close touch.

I snapped a few photos of the cemetery during our visit.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated Latin American countries and many countries throughout the world, though the forms of celebration may vary. Click the link for an interesting Wikipedia article about these various traditions.

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