Bikes, and New Friends, and This and That

I’m in one of those spells where I have been too busy living life to blog about it, and I’ve having too much fun to sit down and write! I have decided to get out there and travel on the bike and my first short trip is planned in a couple weeks. We’ve also had other bikers staying with us, and I have met some really interesting people.

One thing I like, besides riding, is being able to shop and do errands on the bike. I am loving my new equipment!

One of our guests was Guillermo from Argentina. He is biking from the southern tip of Argentina to Alaska, and he was a delightful visitor. He worked on my bike and taught me to change tires and adjust things, washed the dishes, did Tai Chi, had many interesting conversations on a variety of subjects and he loves music, among his many talents. He is also making a book. He stops to visit schools and talk with the children, and they write and draw pictures in his big book. I could have spent all day enjoying the many entries!

There always seems to be some bit of scenery, even on my familiar routes that I have to photograph because it’s just so beautiful. It’s summer now which is dry season so it is interesting to see how things change. Plants and grass are more brown, but different trees are flowering and fruiting. Skies tend to be more clear and very blue, and sometimes have wonderful cloud formations as well.

Another cyclist, Jeremy, arrived when we were gone so he ended up staying with Cedo. He is from France and has biked east from there through Russia and Asia, then through Australia, and is now biking from Alaska to Argentina. He took a short trip to New York and now he is back waiting to bike to Costa Rica for a visit with his family. After that, he will be coming through again on his way south. I think he has been on his bike for 2 1/2 years and Cedo says she is adopting him.

Jeremy and Cedo

Jeremy and Cedo

Jeremy and I have had a couple great bike excursions together. The first was the 45 mile round trip to the beach and I was thrilled to see that it was much easier this time than it had been before. I am getting more strength and endurance. The next day we biked by the airport to Pedregal, about a 25 mile round trip. Friday he thinks we are biking to Boquete. So far I haven’t managed even half of that difficult trip, so we shall see. Whatever happens though I am having fun and also learning a lot by biking with an experienced cyclist, so it’s all good.

Right now, we have two young cyclists from Poland staying with us. They have been all over Europe, North, and South America. From here they are headed to Bocas del Toro where they plan to catch a boat to Jamaica.

Relaxing, chatting, and eating sweet watermelon.

Relaxing, chatting, and eating sweet watermelon. (Jeremy, on the right, had also stopped by for a chat)

Last, but hardly least, there is a gorgeous full moon. The days are hot and the sun is intense, but in the evenings it is blissful to be outside enjoying the soft, warm breezes. Life is busy, but life is good in Panama!


About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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18 Responses to Bikes, and New Friends, and This and That

  1. nuzerel says:

    great photos! great writing! muchos besos Kris. your generosity, friendship and warm welcome is a treasure for tired ciclistas


  2. schuttzie says:

    How exciting for you to plan your biking trip! Lovely pictures~


  3. What a fun life you’re leading, Kris! I love meeting travellers from all over the world, they offer such different and interesting perspectives on life and have many stories to tell :). As usual, love the post!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your interesting stories! I bet it’s fun to meet so many people from all over the world.
    And, it was so nice to meet you when George and I were in Boquete.


  5. thepazeras says:

    45 miles.. awesome! You go girl!


  6. linda says:

    Completely off topic here … looking everywhere for advice. Would like to head to Panama for 3 – 4 months in new year of 2016 – stay a month in 3-4 different areas, check out possibilities of retiring there. Hotels too expensive. Is there any way to find local monthly rentals?


    • I don’t know a lot about short term rentals, except maybe a possibility here in David. In general, a hostel is the first thing that comes to my mind. If you are on Facebook you might post this question in the Expats in Panama group. There are some other forums listed on the links page of my website as well that might help you get more information, especially if you specify what areas interest you. Good luck!


  7. Craig McCracken says:

    Wow I’m impressed Kris those are longer rides than I think I’ve ever done, interesting people your meeting too. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the time you Joel spent with me. Had a great trip and ended up relly liking Las Tablas. Cheers Craig


    • So glad you had such a good trip and found a place you like! Las Tablas is popular with quite a few people. I will be biking through there next week and will be interested to take a closer look at it my self.
      Thanks for your comments. I am doing better all the time and getting ready to travel on my bike, so it’s been great meeting other travelers.


  8. Laureen says:

    Wow – 45 miles is pretty darn impressive! Thanks for posting the wonderful photos. Panama does look lovely, and we are counting the days ’til April 7, our departure day ;o). Your blog creates more excitement about our trip, even though we won’t be seeing David and surrounds on bicycles.

    Keep up the good work! Laureen


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