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I have recently learned of a great new opportunity that I must pass along. Yaira, my former Spanish teacher is now offering classes on line. You will have video, audio, written chat, and the ability to share files so this works out very well. You can take classes from anywhere with an internet connection.

I believe if you are going to live in a country, it is important that you learn the language so you can communicate. I know it’s difficult and it takes a lot of time and effort, but it is so worth it. There are publications that say English is widely spoken in Panama but do not believe this. In areas known for expats and tourists where you will find more English speakers but in general, you will need to know at least some Spanish. Even more important, there are wonderful Panamanian people but to get to know them, you need to be able to communicate and the vast majority of the locals speak only Spanish.


This smiling face will be waiting for you on your computer screen.

So, here is a great opportunity! I have spoken many times about my teacher, how much she helped me, how I thank her every day for my ability to communicate, how kind and patient, yet competent and professional she is, and how she has become a good friend.

If you are like me it’s very helpful to have a teacher. You are more likely to do your homework if you know someone is going to ask for it tomorrow. I like private lessons because you can go at your own pace and ask questions. I also appreciate Yaira because she is Panamanian, so she can also answer questions about the culture and customs. She usually doesn’t admit to speaking much English, so you are forced to step up and use your Spanish for everything which feels awkward at times, but this really helps you progress. But, for a novice, she has learned enough English to work with you successfully as well.


Living the life in Chiriqui!

At the moment she is only charging $10/hr. If you have priced  the respected schools you know this is a good value. Contact her while she still has some time and flexibility in her schedule. Buy a package of lessons for a special someone who could use a very useful Christmas present. You can contact Yaira at yairatutoria@gmail.com

I know I am going on a bit, but I know what a difference this teacher has made in my Panamanian life. And, learning a new language is very good for your brain!


My adopted Panamanian family


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  1. What a lovely family~ Thank you for sharing this information 🙂


    • This whole large extended family are all lovely people. I hope her business succeeds because she really is an excellent teacher. Friends who have studied with her also agree on this.


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