California Flowers

I am starting to sort all the photos that I took on my recent trip to the US. My first stop was Santa Rosa, California, north of San Francisco. It’s spring there when they start their dry season but they had been getting an unusual amount of rain. Everything was green, and there were roses and other flowers everywhere. Since I love flowers you all get to see a bazillion flower photos. Well maybe not quite that many since I managed to get this collection down to 19 photos.

My daughter works for Sonoma County. If you want to disguise your cell phone tower as a pine tree, you have to bring a sample of the material to her office. She said everyone in the office has these fake branches on their desks.

She had a hair appointment one day so we spent the time wandering around a nearby neighborhood. It’s an older neighborhood of charming homes and gorgeous flowers, and it was a beautiful day so we enjoyed the time.

And, a few more pictures taken around my daughter’s neighborhood and other random places.

California is fun because it doesn’t get really cold or hot, and it is possible to grow a large variety of flowers and plants. It isn’t unusual to see food plants growing in people’s yards either. It’s wine country so there are also many beautiful vineyards in the area. It’s super expensive so even if you have a good job it might be a struggle to make ends meet. I’m glad my daughter is there though so I can visit and enjoy the area as well as my family. More on that soon…

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. Nigel J Watson says:

    great pix!
    just got this from one of our local expats:
    Hi Nigel. In PTY yesterday, we were told that Americans & Canadians are not getting any hassles at the border as long as they are following the usual rules. Good news!


    • That’s good to know. Thanks! I’ve heard that too but haven’t talked to anyone who has actually made a border run since the new rules came out. I have talked to quite a few who are leaving though, or working towards residency so they don’t have to worry about any of this. Good luck to you, but you should be fine with your lawyer’s letter.


  2. Awesome photos Kris. I love flowers. Finally here the weather is inching it’s way back toward normal. Because of the long cold spring here, the flowers have been magnificent.



    • I thought about mentioning a house in our neighborhood that is coming available soon, and then I remembered you are just thawing out up there. How nice you are getting some nicer weather and lots of beautiful flowers!


  3. Beautiful neighborhood Kris – love California and wish I still lived there (yes, very expensive now). My daughter is a grad student at Berkekey so I get to visit her once a year if she can spare the time! (Headed that way towards the end of June). It’s always a wrench to leave though (takes me quite a while to regain my equilibrium).
    Looks like you had a wonderful time!


  4. Kris,
    I am enjoying your posts. Wish I had accidentally met you when you were in Santa Rosa, because that’s where I live. Thank you for posting and letting us see these gorgeous photos.
    I have delicate question – I was in Guatemala for 6 weeks about 15 years ago. And I hated the bathroom plumbing which could not accept toilet paper – or it would all back up.
    Does Panama, (David and Boquete, e.g.) have the same problems?
    Also, when one talks about “gas” for cooking, I presume they mean propane – right?

    Thank you for taking time to read, and answer if you choose.
    Kathleen Kunster


    • Wow, small world! Don’t worry, I’ll be back in Santa Rosa every few months.
      I remember your question on another post but I don’t remember which one. Yes, you must use the trash can in public places with a lot of people using the facilities, but at home you don’t need to. At least we haven’t had any problems but we have septic here too, so I try not to overuse the tissue just in case.
      The gas is in cans like propane, but it isn’t propane. You can either get a can about the size of a propane tank and exchange it when it gets empty, or you can get a large tank and they will come to your house and refill it (but that costs a lot more).


  5. Well, it seems we have some common geography. I grew up near Santa Rosa in Petaluma and my mother taught in the Santa Rosa schools. The area has grown so much since I lived there that I would probably be lost now but I was happy to see my old tromping grounds and the gorgeous flowers. Luther Burbank, the renown botanist, lived and worked on his plant development there and there is a memorial to him. Sonoma County was my childhood home area and I love its many diverse and beautiful qualities. Happy to see these photos Kris. Thank you, Alia


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