Birds and Bees

I’ve noticed a little brown bird coming and going from one of our bushes by the driveway. When I investigated, I found three little bluish eggs in a nest. On Friday when I checked on them, I saw that two had hatched. On Saturday, and again today I saw two birds so apparently the third egg didn’t hatch.

I plan to disturb them as little as possible but I’ll try to look in on them occasionally. We have found many similar nests in the bushes, and the doves like to nest in the bushy palm plant in front of the house. Another bird likes to make a nest on top of a pillar and manages to drop a lot of nesting material and make a mess below. We also have countless visitors from hawks, falcons, and vultures to tiny finches, wrens, and hummingbirds. It is said that there are more varieties of birds in Panama than in the whole of North America, and since we live next to a wooded area we get to enjoy many of them.

We also have more varieties of insects than in the whole of North America. I’ve never seen so many kinds of bees and wasps. I noticed a bunch of little ones on a small branch of our guanabana (soursop) tree last Monday. By Tuesday I could see the definite beginnings of a hive, so I snapped a photo every day to see their progress. I’ve seen many of these hives on houses and in trees and some say they are good luck. They are like the most delicate paper and very lightweight.

Bees here seem to be very easy to live with. I’ve only been stung once when I was pulling vines off the fence, not realizing there was a hive on the fence post. Even then they only sent out one bee, not half the hive. I’ve seen big bumble bees, very tiny brown/golden bees, and everything in between in brown, black and/or gold. Many of them don’t even have stingers.

Life in Panama… In most places you get to live with a lot of wildlife. We also get to live with a lot of rain most of the time. Yesterday it rained hard for hours and I heard about flooding in Panama City and I’m sure there were problems here too. When it rains that hard the water just can’t drain from the streets that quickly. But this is nothing compared to Texas. What I’ve seen in the news is beyond awful. It’s going to take a very long time to recover from that and even with the help of many generous people, many lives will never be the same.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    We are waiting for our nephew from Katy this moment. They spent the night in a motel in Tomball after getting an evacuation order. They were OK but then the state had to open the reservoirs flood gates or lose the dams. Folks thought they had dodged a bullet but the bayous are now overrunning their banks submerging what was left. Once the water recedes, we plan on heading that way to see what is left. It could be a year before anything gets back to normal.


    • Glad your folks are ok. What a disaster! Yes it’s going to be a long time. I remember when Charlie came through Florida. There were people still in campers and temporary shelter a year later, and I think this is far worse and way more people are affected. I don’t know how they are even going to begin to take care of everyone.


  2. susie says:

    Glad to hear you are safe Jim and Nena. we are up in Montgomery and have gotten lots and lots of rain (still raining) but nothing compared to the City of Houston and the cities south of Houston….We continue to pray for all those still in danger and those that will have to completely rebuild their lives….truly heartbreaking.


    • It’s overwhelming even in pictures. I can’t imagine how it is to be there.


    • jim and nena says:

      Thanks, Susie, we are in Fort Worth but our nephew lives near Addicks so they were not in the center of the “perfect storm”. Once the reservoirs were forced to open the flood gates, there area started filling up. Many of their neighbors stayed and they have water in some of the homes. Still praying the runoff goes down in time but there was a report of a trillion gallons of water on the ground. Harvey is headed toward Tennessee and may yet hang together for those folks so it ain’t over yet.

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