Windy Times

Come to Boquete, land of eternal spring. Umm… sometimes. It is easy for some businesses to mislead people. Come live in paradise! When you see that word paradise, immediately treat the whole thing with a large dose of skepticism. There are great places to live but nothing is paradise all the time.

We had rain in January which is very unusual, but now we are in full blown summer when the trade winds blow. We have had three days of strong winds down here in David. A banana tree and some of my sugar cane was blown over and the yard is full of leaves. When leaves and twigs hit the metal roof it makes a lot of noise. The sun is hot and strong. Daytime temperatures are in the 90’s (but without the green season humidity) but nights are cooler. Last night it dipped below 70 which for us is cool.

Up in the mountains like in Boquete, the winds tend to be quite a bit stronger. I have heard people say the winds are howling around their houses when there is only a light breeze down here. It’s also colder and wetter a lot of the time. The bajareque (foggy misty air) rolls in frequently and makes beautiful rainbows but also leaves everything wet.

I took this photo on our way to Boquete Saturday in the late afternoon. By the time we got to town we were IN those clouds you see in the distance. We have learned to  always bring extra clothes even if it’s hot at home. I have a sweater, sweatshirt, and rain jacket in the car and they get used almost every time. One day I sent a photo to a friend in Boquete. “Joel has no shirt on ?! It’s freezing up here!” It’s amazing how different it is just a short drive away.

We have to drive to Boquete a lot for band gigs but we get to enjoy the gorgeous scenery every time. Volcan Baru is on one side, always impressive, and the beautiful green mountains are on the other side. Every time it makes me think how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful country.

But, if you are thinking of living in this beautiful country, be sure you know what you are getting in to. For me, Boquete is too cold, wet, and windy much of the time and I would not be happy there. Others love it and find David impossibly hot. Some choose a middle ground part way up the mountain. Others move to the beach which has its own challenges with the heat and salt air. It’s really good though that there are so many options even just here in Chiriqui Province.

Hmmm, I hear the wind picking up again…


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. Mary Grass says:

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    • I’m sorry, I have no control over who is subscribed. That has to be done from your end.


      • Mary Grass says:

        How do I go about removing g myself from your blog?


        • If you are getting emails there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every one. I think there is also a “manage” link in the posts in or near the box where you subscribe. If you are reading posts on WordPress there should be something about following, I think in green either at the top or bottom of your screen and from there you can get to your manage subscriptions page.


  2. Donald Mack says:

    thirty more days and I leave Indiana behind for 2 weeks and will be looking for a place to rent for my return in may I hope to find a small home pretty cheap I hope since I am on disability from our country just wish the time would go by faster, its a cold day here a high of 26 degrees and tonight down below zero and wind chill of minus 10 degrees, please 9th of March hurry up and get here I will be looking you and the band up when I’m there take care and see you in a few days keep rocking the bass

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  3. Jim stancik says:

    Look forward to your blogs Kris, very informative. Planning second trip to panama Jan-February 2019. Plan on visiting western panama. Last year did PC and Coronado , to crowded for me. My future will be panama.
    Thanks for all the info


  4. Great explanation of how different the various parts of a country can be….. and even so within a few miles drive…… altitude is the secret…..always be aware of your altitude ! And keep a great ATTITUDE….like Kris !


  5. oldsalt1942 says:

    …the only place that can truly be hell is the one that was once paradise.
    —Paul Theroux…Hotel Honolulu


  6. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    This past year in Boquete was average for weather data. Folks may have forgotten about 2008 and 2010 when the rainfall topped 200. The temperatures were below paradise levels, 55 to 60’s for lows, and 75 to mid 80’s for highs. Brrr. I believe all the civil engineering projects were not helping folks’ attitudes; roadways torn up and even more uncertain water supply problems. The long awaited Panamonte bridge project is finally underway, with a hopefully permanent design this time. But even at its best, Boquete has never been a paradise for long term residence. As it states on their community forum header, “Where vacations start”. Like mint chocolate chip ice cream, it is a treat but not as a steady diet.

    David can be hot, but there is always some breeze. Living at the edge of town is usually more comfortable and one still has access to everything with just a short drive. Up the hill toward Dolega does temper the heat but that’s where the wind blows almost nonstop. Nowhere is perfect all the time.


    • Even in an average year, one must expect rain, humidity, wind, and whatever else is normal for the time of year. The civil engineering projects are still an issue too. They had a big meeting with the contractors about fixing the streets but most are still in bad shape. The Main Street is so rough you’d shake your teeth out if you drove at anything resembling in town speed. If I go to Facebook I almost always see something about someone’s water is out, or power.
      We have an ideal situation here, north edge of town, minutes from a major shopping area but like you say, breeze, trees, stay out of the afternoon sun and it’s quite comfortable. And our neighbors are Panamanian and super easy to get along with.


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