Deal at Las Olas (La Barqueta beach)

La Barqueta is the closest beach to David and it’s beautiful. Sometimes there is a deal on Oferta Simple like THIS ONE   $50 for one night, two people, good if you want a little beach getaway.

We have been to the resort but it’s been a while. Check here for previous posts and photos.

There is a nice pool area, large recreation area under roof, a good restaurant on site, and it’s right on the beach. We have never seen it crowded though. In fact, every time we have seen it there are so few people we wonder how they stay in business.

The beach is also used very little unless it’s a holiday or something. There is the Las Olas resort out there, a condo area, a couple local eateries, a new high rise condo building, a pubic beach area with benches and thatched roof area to protect from the sun, and then a gated community of beach houses that are mostly used for only a small part of the year.

Do NOT swim at this beach! 26 people have drowned this year alone in the dangerous undertows and riptides. The latest in the news was a lawyer from the US. Article in Newsroom Panama  There are people who know the waves and water conditions well enough to risk it but in general, in my opinion, stay out of the water.

Panama beaches are beautiful. I’ve seen the mountains in the distance, the clouds reflected in the water and wet sand, gorgeous sunsets, and the feeling of having the beach all to yourself (very different from our experiences in crowded Florida). The area is also well liked by bird watchers. I wouldn’t live there myself, being a city gal – too isolated, hot, and too much maintenance in the salt air but to visit, to get away from it all for a day or two, oh yes.

Other water areas in Chiriqui are Boca Chica, a tranquil island area great for swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing, etc and Las Lajas, an equally beautiful beach, father from David but without the dangerous undertows. Puerto Armuelles area is west near the Costa Rica border and there are beaches there as well. It has been a depressed area since Chiquita Banana (United Fruit Company) pulled out in 2003, but there is talk about development in the area, and there are some happy gringos living there currently.

On an entirely different subject, how to you get your calves home? In a taxi, of course! Farm animals in trucks are a common sight in this agcultural area, as are trucks laden with produce. Taxis are also seen with all sorts of things but I’ve never seen this.

Look very closely at the end of the video and you’ll see that there are two calves in the trunk. 😁

Life in Panama. Even after more than 6 years there is always something new and interesting.


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  1. David says:

    Hi Kris was just there on the relocation tour. 4th visit and will move down when retired. 1 1/2 years to go. Have been following for those 6 years. Ciao


  2. simplywendi says:

    you always have such cool stories. 🙂


  3. Karen says:

    I love Las Olas. It is incredible peaceful sitting on your own private patio listening to the surf, day or night.


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