That’s me, MIA (missing in action). There’s been too much going on and the blog got pushed to the back burner where it has been sitting for weeks. But, that’s the thing with retirement and blogs that aren’t meant to produce income. You can leave things on the back burner and not worry about it.

Our band drummer came back! We have had a good time with our substitutes Mike 1 (from the Still Kickin country band) and Mike 2 (from the Hashtag band and others) and Mike 3 (the drum machine) but it’s great to have Chris back. We know each other and play together so well after all this time. You can imagine. But it’s been a lot of organization and practice and extra time to keep all the gigs and drummers going.

My daughter and her friend came for a visit which was fantastic. More on that later. Besides seeing them and being able to show them our Panamanian life, we got to play tourist which we usually don’t do in our daily lives. We had so much fun!

And, we both got colds *sigh*. It’s not a huge deal but it doesn’t leave a lot of extra energy. Thankfully, except for some leftover coughing and congestion, we are doing fine now.

So, that’s the short version of most of February. We are in Seattle now with my younger daughter and family, and since it’s a school/work day I have some down time. It’s too cold to go out so I’m happy doing things in the house. Later in the week we’ll head to California for some more family time with my other daughter, and then back home to Panama.

I’ll leave you with an interesting fly (I have been very deficient in bug pictures 😀 ). I was sitting on the terrace in Panama one morning when I heard this fly repeatedly buzzing towards my shelves and a folded towel. It looked like a fly and sounded like a fly,  but I’d never seen a fly do this. It was carrying either small leaves or flower petals to make some sort of nest in the towel!

I have quite a few more pictures stored away ready to include in blog posts, so more things will be coming along. I also have emails and correspondence to catch up on, so stand by….


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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