Summer Flowers

it’s summer here with hot days, cooler nights, and minimal rain. You can see the change of season in the trees and plants. This mango tree looks like it’s covered with fur, but those are actually clusters of little mango flowers. You can see the clusters better on the tree in the second picture. A few trees are starting to have fruit, and by April and May there should be many varieties of mangoes ready to enjoy.

The bougainvillea are really beautiful in the summer. We’re already seeing some of them busting out with flowers. They come in a variety of colors, and these are just a couple I passed on my way home.

We also have cashews here. They are just beginning to flower, and with any luck cashew apples will follow, each with a cashew nut on the end. There has been some kind of sickness the last couple years so there have been no cashews. The trees are looking better so hopefully they are recovered. The flowers and good looking leaves look like a good sign.

There is a surprising amount and variety of citrus here. Oranges are plentiful and inexpensive. I bought 16 big ones from our veggie guy for $2, or you can buy bags of 50 smaller ones for I think, $6-8? I don’t buy them because it’s more than we can use. Grapefruit are really good right now too. Our chicken guy has a tree and too much fruit so he brings me a sack full when he comes. Our veggie guy usually has some for, if I remember, 6/$1. I never knew there was such a variety of lemons either. Our tree is loaded with green lemons with beige patches and orange insides. They have a lot of juice and I really like them. The neighbor behind has a tree of the little key limes. This tree is on a vacant lot in the neighborhood. The fruit looks like grapefruit but they are actually lemons with edible skin, and a flavor very much like the lemons we are used to buying in the USA.

I rode past this pretty spot the other day. That is Volcan Baru in the background, our volcano and highest spot in Panama. The vine climbing up the tree covered with purple flowers, I’ve seen a field nearby totally covered with these flowers. Maybe it will happen again this year.

Something I really love in summer is the guayacan trees. When they are in full bloom they are spectacular! They come in yellow, pink, and white. The yellow ones seem to be the most prevalent and are just starting to bloom now. In the first picture one is just starting to bloom behind a mango tree. The reddish color is new leaves.

Last but not least, a couple horses decided to wander the neighborhood.

So this is a bit of what we are seeing around here these days. Keep in mind that we are at sea level. The climate is different in the mountains so they tend to have different things growing and a bit more rain. Up there the flowers are even more spectacular. We live in such a beautiful country.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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10 Responses to Summer Flowers

  1. chugwa says:

    It is a very beautiful country you are right there, thanks for the post and the photos Kris.


  2. Sharon says:

    So wonderful! I’m eager to learn more about all the different types of lemons. Just bought oranges here for $1.99/lb. So $10 for 5 oranges. Panama has So much to offer! Thanks for sharing the beauty!


    • $2/each for oranges?! Ours usually don’t look nearly as perfect and pretty as those sold in the US, but they taste great. With any luck you’ll be here before the end of summer. Then you can see the rains come back with different plants and flowers, and bugs 😁


  3. Wess says:

    Hello Kris,
    I enjoy your blog. I love the Guayacan trees this time of year! I find the amount flowers amazing and somehow each year they surprise me.
    I have a question for you.


  4. Marc says:

    I always look forward to, and enjoy reading your posts. Can’t wait to be down there to explore all the native fruits, vegetables, etc. Recently saw your PRT video and liked the way you presented all the informaton.


  5. Susan Wiest says:

    Thank you for sharing!! I’m so jealous! I visited Panama once and fell in love with it! I’d love to live there!!


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