Monday 10/22/2012, David Panama

12 days in Panama and we’re still making it!
It was a frustrating day with the internet yesterday. Unfortunately internet Para Todos doesn’t always work that well. I tried the park first, and the hospital parking lot later. I was able to send and receive emails if I was very patient while the connection cut in and out, but skype was impossible. How addicted we are to our technology! Just making decisions for everyone without input is difficult, not to mention feeling disconnected and isolated. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Three days until internet at home.
I saw Ryan and Lidia yesterday which was great! They have to go to Panama City to do some business this week but when they return, he is going back to the US. She will be home alone without a car, and would welcome some company. I would welcome it too, and she also offered to help me get more familiar with the city.
I am trying to remember past moves to cities where we knew nothing and no one. It’s always hard until you learn your way around. Why should it be any different here? I would like internet and better language skills of course, but it’s still a process that anyone goes through when they move. I will try to keep this in mind and not be so impatient with myself. Today my goals are to take care of the car insurance, get gas for the stove, and buy produce.
 Another goal is to deal with the ants. I have an interesting trail of leaf cutter ants crossing my driveway and sidewalk. (video pending) Everyone is telling me that they are very bad because before long, they will destroy my shrubs. They seem to be eating the ixora hedge, and pieces of leaves and red flowers are moving across the cement and through the grass in a continuous stream. I’m surprised that the hedge doesn’t seem any the worse for it yet because they have been working very hard for a couple days now.
I also have bees. Is this the house for me or what?! These are tiny black bees though, and their hive is so small I can’t imagine it has enough honey to interest people. They seem peaceful and keep to themselves so I plan to leave them alone. They are up and out of the way so unless we decide to paint the outside of the house, they shouldn’t be a problem.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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