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What Do You Want?

If you ask someone this question, the answers are usually fairly predictable – I want to be happy. I want good relationships. I want a good job. I want more money. I want all the things (whatever they are in … Continue reading

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Houses for Sale (David, Panama)

We have stopped at a couple houses for sale, so if you’re curious or looking at real estate,  this might be interesting.  This is a very nice house in our neighborhood, actually the same floor plan as our house except … Continue reading

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One Year in Panama!

It’s almost hard to believe, but it was exactly one year ago that I left Florida. I remember how I felt – excited, happy, ambivalent (I was leaving Joel behind, not knowing how long we would be apart), not quite … Continue reading

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The Price of Living in Panama

My friends are writing a lot of posts that interest me lately! Today was The Price of Living in Boquete. My friend who lives in Boquete has seen two relocation tours come through town, and overheard what the people were … Continue reading

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Move to Paradise

The word “paradise” causes a knee jerk reaction in us. We have seen too much of the hype from companies looking to sell you something – publications, books, expensive conferences, and relocation tours. When were in Las Olas there happened … Continue reading

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Six Months. Has it been six months already?!

Six months ago I picked up my suitcase, a computer bag, and a carry on and left the life I knew behind. I took a Greyhound bus to Ft Lauderdale, and a plane to Panama City. I remember that trip, … Continue reading

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Common Sense and Good Manners

“Common sense is not so common.” – Voltaire Unfortunately this is true all too often. Usually I boycott online forums and discussion groups. Lately I have been thinking it would be helpful to get more involved so I’ve gone back … Continue reading

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Back in Panama

Whew! I made it home very late Monday night. It was a fabulous trip and I had a great time, but I’m happy to be home. I’m still tired so I’m looking forward to resting up a bit and getting … Continue reading

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Culture Shock, and the Unhappy Expat

We were told of the possible difficulties in adjusting to a different country and culture. We have encountered unhappy expats. I have been curious about other people’s experiences, finding neither adjustment problems or causes of unhappiness myself. My husband shared … Continue reading

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Our Cost of Living in Panama

Many people are looking for information on this subject, especially people who are considering a move to this area. Money was a big factor in our move and  of course it is a concern for many others as well, especially … Continue reading

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