Settling in with The Family

November 6th, 2012

I haven’t written much since we arrived back in David. I think I needed some time to rest and regroup, process everything that has happened recently, and the errands and shopping also continue. Now I hardly know where to start. A lot has happened, there are a lot of thoughts going around in my head, and a lot of things I plan to do.

Ma and Joel love the house! They also love the neighborhood, the neighbors, everything about this place. I thought they would but I’m glad to know they do indeed. I’m glad I got Ma’s room all ready so she can settle in, put her things away, and rest. That was quite a trip for anybody. Of course there are still a lot of things needed in the house, and we all have different priorities. Lately we have been getting fans, lights, and storage continues to be a concern. We need to get shelves and places to put things! And, we found a sofa we may end up buying so we will have a living room that can actually be used as a living room. We brought a TV down on the plane so right now there is an empty room with a TV on the floor and whatever plastic chairs we drag in from wherever else they were being used. You don’t think about how many things are in a house until you have a house with nothing and have to start from scratch!

We have been talking with the neighbors more. Next door to us is Carlos. He works in Bocas during the week so he is only home on the weekends. He works in food – grows bananas and I think other food plants, and has a business selling his produce. His wife is a beautician. He, like all the neighbors, is warm, friendly, couldn’t be more welcoming. He has also fixed me up with his yard workers who are out there right now doing an excellent job of cutting the grass and cleaning up the yard (with machete, weed wackers, and rakes)

I also talked with my neighbor across the street this morning. She is an English professor (surprised me that her English isn’t much better than my Spanish) and her husband is a professor of agriculture. I had dashed out there, camera in hand to investigate those amazing sounds from the woods, and she confirmed that they are indeed birds.

Yesterday my other neighbor invited us to go to the river with her and her 4 yr old grandson. If I understood what she told me (which is a big IF in any conversation I have with anyone) an American lived here for 15 years and loved the river so much, he put in the steps to get down there. There are 200 steps, and they go to the most beautiful setting on the river than you can imagine! The water is cool, the woods are beautiful, and we loved seeing the place. I enjoyed spending time with my neighbor talking and getting to know each other a bit. Her grandson is darling too, and I was encouraged that I could understand almost everything he said too.

I could continue working on this post but then it might never get up so I’ll stop here for now, and see if I can write a bit more later. As I said, there is lots and lots to talk about! Every day is something new, something interesting, new experiences, new people. What fun!


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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