Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I hardly know where to start on this one. I have so many things to be thankful for! This photo is symbolic of the biggest, most recent thing, my new life in Panama.


Two motmots visited our yard!

I had heard about these birds from friends who were thrilled to spot one now and then. We had not one, but two in our yard. By the time we grabbed a camera they were in the yard next door so the photo may not be technically wonderful, but it means a lot to us. We were really happy to see these beautiful birds! Motmot on Widipedia

So, I am thankful to be in Panama in this beautiful country, with so many new things to see, and the wonderful people we meet every day. I am thankful for the internet that allows me to stay as in touch as easily as if I were nearby. I am thankful for my husband and partner who is by my side every day, for two wonderful daughters, and the men who stand by their sides. I am thankful to be healthy, and to have lost enough weight to feel normal. I am thankful to be financially solvent enough to sustain a good life without working until I’m 85. I am thankful to be able to think, to write, to communicate, and for the teacher and friends here who help me communicate in a new language. I am thankful for the technology that I use constantly, and the time and expertise of so many who have made this possible.

I could probably write a book on this theme!  I am thankful for those who encourage us to think about this subject, because I think an attitude of gratitude is key to happiness in life.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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5 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

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  2. aren’t the motmots handsome birds? i never get tired of seeing those! Thanks for giving me a refresher! z


  3. Peripatetic Eric says:

    Beautiful birds! We spent a couple of months in Panama and Costa Rica in January and February of this year and saw mot mots in both countries. You have so many incredible birds where you now live. I’m jealous. We actually rented a house and spent most of January just up the road from you in Boquete. Will be following your adventures!


    • kristc99 says:

      Oh yes I know! I wake up every morning to a chorus of birds, almost all new to me. Yes, Boquette, very close. We’re headed up there this afternoon in face. That is a gorgeous place!! Nice to meet you, and looking forward to your adventures too 🙂


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