It’s sadía (watermelon) season in Panama now. These watermelon range from really good to insanely delicious! The one we bought today is in the insanely delicious category. It’s so juicy and sweet, and downright wonderful. They sell for $.20/pound here at the vegetable stand or on the street. 085a

I know I shouldn’t post such things when people in my former home are suffering winter storms and blizzards. Maybe if a bit of sweetness and sunshine comes though the internet, it will give you all a bit of hope for better weather.

We had a great time with friends last night who told us their favorite salad is watermelon, onion, feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar. Maybe I should try it, if we don’t just eat all the watermelon first.

Zemanta seems to have found some links about watermelon and how good it is for you. I’ll have to include them so I can justify eating watermelon every day! Now my dish is empty though, so I have to go back to the kitchen for a couple more slices.

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    So sweet, so sweet, so sweet!


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