Bryce Canyon

I’m still in the US and starting to go through my Utah photos. Bryce Canyon was one place I visited and it was incredible! I don’t think any photo can really show the vastness of the place. It was cold with snow but I think it actually made for better photos. The days were sunny and bright and the parks were not crowded, so conditions were very good. There was so little traffic at times that I could just stop in the middle of the road to get a photo of something that caught my eye.

There are more photos coming of Zion National Park!

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6 Responses to Bryce Canyon

  1. Kris – Thank you so much for the pictures. I spent many years in Utah and often brought visitors through Zions and Cedar Breaks when I was hosting schools at St. George. When the training sessions were at Moab I took the visitors (usually from DC area) through Arches National Park. But, Bryce Canyon is uniquely beautiful and a real treat.

    Most people from the East can hardly believe the beauty and vastness of that area. Enjoy yourself there.


    • Kris says:

      That’s for sure, about not believing the beauty and vastness! How interesting that you lived there. I thought about going to Arches National Park but you can only do so much in a couple days. Hopefully I will get back to the area again.


  2. One thing I forgot to mention – the white trees in the rockies that look something like eastern birch trees are quaking aspen trees. In the summer the leaves quiver on any slight breeze and make the tree seem to shiver (quake).


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