Our first healthcare experience

Many people want to know how the health care is here. So, here’ s a great post by my friend about her husband’s experience with surgery here.

Let The Adventure "Continue"!

Several months before we made our move to Panama Scott was diagnoses with a hernia. We debated back and forth about weather it would be best to get this taken care of before our move or to have it fixed after we moved to Panama. The hernia wasn’t bothering him at the time, and the doctor said it was not something that needed immediate attention. At first we both had the knee-jerk opinion that it would be best to have surgery in the U.S. Scott made an appointment to have a consultation with a surgeon ($400.00) after a 5 minute consultation where the surgeon confirmed, “yep, you have a hernia” (a 5 min consult and that was that), Scott then began the long and painful process of trying to get someone on the phone who could tell him exactly how much the surgery was going to cost. Gasp! about $8000,00!…

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  1. Kris says:

    I have no idea why photos of my trip to Utah in March are showing up on this post! There’s supposed to be photos of the hospital room with this post.


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