Santa Catalina, Panama

After our visit to Pedasi and the Azuero Peninsula, we headed to Santa Catalina for a couple nights. After a beautiful drive down and an evening in the most total darkness I’d ever experienced (power outage, thank goodness for the borrowed flashlight!) we woke up in a really beautiful area.

We stayed at the Hotel Santa Catalina, one of a number of hotels in the area. This is a famous surfing spot, location of some world surfing events. This is evident when you walk around the little town which consists of mainly hotels, restaurants, and surfing shops.

That’s a start. Now let me go see what other photos I have that might be interesting.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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4 Responses to Santa Catalina, Panama

  1. allig565 says:

    I saw hot sauce on the table, as usual, when dining in Panama, and that you have the place to yourselves~ Nice!


    • We felt like we had the whole hotel to ourselves. When we arrived I heard the manager on the phone telling someone that they were full, but we only saw one other couple who were usually gone all day. The gals at the restaurant told us that it was very quiet that day but it would be a lot busier on the weekend when everyone arrived for the holidays. I don’t think Panamanians are usually into spicy food but you’re right. I’ve seen hot sauce on other restaurant tables too.


  2. Allison5 says:

    I know Panamanians are “the blander the better” lol which is why the hot sauce is there….for the Gringos! And if it isn’t on the table, all the restaurants seem to have a bottle tucked away in the back.


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