Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

This week, show us something that’s a HABIT. It could be your daily walk to the bus stop, or your daily paper lying on the doorstep. Maybe it’s the guy behind the counter at the deli you always visit for lunch, the stuffed bunny your child must have at bedtime, or the view from your desk as you sit down to blog. Capture a moment both constant and fleeting. We look forward to the glimpses into your everyday.


My morning habit – put extras in the bucket (pencils, mouse, camera, wires, phone, etc).
Carry my computer and bucket to my “outdoor office”.
Eat breakfast, check email, answer messages, figure out my plans for the day.

Days can go in any number of directions, but as it gets dark I’m usually back at my outdoor office watching the birds, enjoying the evening, and doing something at the table. When it’s time for dinner and relaxing in the evening, I reverse the process and carry the computer and bucket back to the indoor office. The next morning the habits will be repeated.

I know this is last week’s challenge but we were traveling, and when you are out of town habits tend to go by the wayside until you get settled back at home. I love being outdoors so going outside every morning and staying out until well past dark every evening is a pretty pleasurable habit.

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