Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers. Layers can reveal, conceal, and make something more complex. They can vary in size, texture, color, or functionality. Each layer can have its own story, meaning, or purpose. They can overlap, blend, or be distinctly separate. A layer doesn’t have to be a part of a single object but can even be a slice of a multifaceted image or scene.  In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo which means LAYERS to you!

This may not be exactly what this challenge is supposed to mean but for me, it has grabbed my interest more than any other “layer” idea I can think of. I’ve been watching the construction of an overpass over the Pan-American Highway. Over the last weeks and months, layer upon layer of rebar and concrete and blocks and other parts have been added, and it’s growing into something quite impressive.

This construction site is an easy bicycle ride from our neighborhood, so I’ve been stopping by most days to see what they are doing. It’s just fascinating to watch the expertise and teamwork of this crew, especially as they put the beams into place. Those things are huge! There is an even longer span crossing the highway so I hope I get to see them work on that part.

Third world country. Pfffftttt. These people are as capable and competent as any crew anywhere, one more example that Panama has it together more than many people probably think.

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  1. That’s quite a project they’ve got going there. Thanks for the link to my blog. I really like how you present your links with small previews of the photos!

    I was going to ask you how you ended up in panama, but then I saw “Why Panama?” on your list of top posts & pages 🙂


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