Panamá Viejo and the Historical Ruins

On Saturday in Panama City, we decided to visit Panama Viejo, the old part of the city, and we started with the ruins. It’s really interesting to be in a busy, modern city driving along a major road and seeing these ancient ruins beside the road. The area is very large with the remains of dozens and dozens of buildings.

Click on the link or search google to learn about some of the history of this area. The city originated about 500 years ago and has weathered many disasters but natural and man made. It’s so interesting to put your hand on a stone and think of who might have placed it there, or who might have used that building so long ago.

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4 Responses to Panamá Viejo and the Historical Ruins

  1. Jerry says:

    So much new growth amid so much history. I think the Panamanians are doing it right to preserve their historical treasures from being sacrificed on the alter of “progress”


  2. John & Susan says:

    Really great pictures…once again!


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