The New Public Market

There has been a very large, shiny building under construction in David. I heard some time ago that it was going to be a market to house the merchants that are usually on the street.

Tuesday I was shopping with a friend and noticed that all the produce vendors near the municipal building were gone. Wednesday my friend said she has heard that the new market was open and she wanted to visit.

The market is very attractive, and also very cold. The air conditioning is effective! Right now there is a ton of unused space so it will be interesting to see what happens as time goes on.

A couple people have explained to me that there are middle men who buy from the producers and sell to the consumers, and make a lot of money in the process. This market is part of an effort for products to go directly from the producer to the consumer without the expensive middle man, which will keep food prices down. Since so much food is produced in Chiriqui Province I’m not sure how much this will affect us here, but I can see how it could make a big different in other areas. I was told that these markets are being built all over the country.

I kind of miss the vendors on the street, and I think if you were getting off work or were downtown for some reason, it would be nice to just pick up what you need on your way home rather than drive elsewhere to a big market. Will this be even more difficult for the many people who don’t have cars? Will the cost of space in the new building also drive up the cost of products?

It will be interesting to see how this works out. It certainly is an attractive, clean, cool, and has tons of space. I hope the produce market down the street from us stays where it is, but I will also visit the new market from time to time if I’m in the area to see what is going on there.

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6 Responses to The New Public Market

  1. John & Susan says:

    Very interesting. I wonder how many jobs it creates verses the job losses of the street vendors?


  2. sunnymikkel says:

    There is also a “Public Mercado” in Rio Hato that we have stopped at a couple of times returning to Pedasi from PC. It too is mostly empty and there are some other than food vendors outside.


    • Interesting! So it is true they are going to have them in many places. Hopefully they will fill up and get used. But, how many people selling potatoes do you need in one building? It all doesn’t quite made sense to me, but I suppose it’s not that different from all the folks selling the same things on the same street.


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