A Deal on Seagullcove Lodge

We have Oferta Simple here, a thing like Groupon that offers discounts on restaurants, hotels, and many other things. Usually the deals are in Panama City but once in a while something comes up in our area. Today there is a deal for the Seagullcove Lodge which in my opinion is a very special place so I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention.

The deal is HERE. $109 for a bungalow for two people, comes with a welcome drink and use of a kayak for 2 hours. There is a restaurant on site and a tiki bar, and the food is very good. There are only 5 bungalows so it is a very intimate feeling place. It’s on the side of a hill though and you need to climb up and down stairs to get to the bungalows so don’t book this if you can’t manage that.

This area is a bay with many islands so it is calm and beautiful. It is fun to hire a water taxi to take you on a tour (probably at least $50 so a group works well). Or, for just a few dollars you can get a taxi to take you over to Boca Brava where you can walk, look for howler monkeys, and visit the restaurant which also has great views.

The view from the resort, from the top of the hill.

The view from the resort, from the top of the hill.

I have been there and blogged about it HERE. Click the link to see more pictures. We have stopped by a few times since and as far as I know, Marcelo, the smiling guy in the red shirt is still working there. He speaks excellent English and is a great host. The whole staff is excellent but he’s the one you will see the most.

I think this is a very special place so I figured a deal that makes it more affordable is good news worth sharing.

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6 Responses to A Deal on Seagullcove Lodge

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just bought Ken’s Christmas gift!! We love this hotel.


  2. We love Seagull Lodge also and have stayed there 3 times in 3 years, all on Oferta Simple Coupons. The Saturday night BBQ’s on the dock are super fun as many of the seafarers from the sailboats anchored out in the bay come in. You get to meet some truly unique people. Try It, You Will Like IT!


    • We have been there at least three times to stay overnight and a few other times just for lunch. Yes the tiki BBQ is very fun. We met some boaters and others who lived in the area who came out for the occasion.


  3. Catherine Virgenock says:

    Do the offers expire? I’m coming to Panama probably April – May, haven’t booked anything yet. Also are their bungalows with double beds, I may be traveling with a friend


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